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What if nothing comes from our devotion, effort, faith and work?

Samuel Beckett said:
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

But...what's the measure of failure? When should we declare 'time-out'?


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    Jan 31 2013: Thank you to you all.Your comments make sense and I actually thought the same things myself but....we seem to be all dreamers. Unfortunately the real life always asks for a bill to be paid and that's when the big question mark arises, when we can not afford to do what we believe in. And it's awful to face the dilemma between keep going and stop. In the specific, I'm a writer in a country where corruption has spread also to literature. I do not write for myself but for you all 'out there'. I keep receiving letters from publisher and they are all full of praises but....they always end with a 'BUT' that doesn't make any sense.
    Writing is perhaps the most difficult, solitary and generous form of art; I love it for these reasons but what to do if my only dream (being read) doesn't come true?

    Thank you again,
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      Jan 31 2013: Gogo,
      Maybe we ARE all dreamers.....and....in my humble perception.....everything starts with a dream:>)

      You say you do not write for yourself? You write for all of us "out there"? Why don't you recognize that you may be doing it for your own pleasure.....is that true?

      Actually, letters giving you praises, and also ending with "BUT", are probably very good feedback, don't you think? Listen to the praise and build on it. Listen also to the "BUT" and learn how you can make your creation more marketable. You say your dream is "being read", so you may have to alter something in your writing to entice people to read and appreciate it?

      I suggest recognizing that you are not only writing for others.....you may be writing for yourself as well. When you recognize all parts of a project, the project tends to be more exciting, and may bring a new energy to your work/play:>)

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