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What would Homo Sapiens possibly evolve into?

Will we ever evolve into something different,
What would the new species's characteristics be,
Can we co exist if this happens,

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    Jan 28 2013: After seeing “NOVA | Decoding Neanderthals” and realizing that the evolutionist have it wrong in that they were not a different species, but instead a different nationality/race, I have ask what else do they have wrong.
    It is true humans have had some outwardly changes, but nothing noteworthy mentally/spiritually speaking.
    And it is only an unproven theory that human ever evolved from another species.
    FYI: The ape like features that they clam Neanderthals had, were really just the bones being misread.
    Also some humans today have Neanderthal DNA in them, thus pointing to them being a race of Homo-sapiens.
    • Feb 11 2013: Are you one of those intelligent design folks?
    • Feb 13 2013: "Evolutionists" as you put it, may have had the specifics of Neanderthal evolution wrong, but they certainly did not have evolution wrong. Indeed, "Decoding Neanderthals" was all about how Neanderthals may have evolved in a different way than many scientists thought - by interbreeding with Cro-Magnon. Incidentally, many of these ideas did not originate in "Decoding Neanderthals" - many have been around for more than a decade (see, for example, The Silk Code).
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        Feb 13 2013: LOL, It’s funny how Evolutionist get so overly defensive, when even part of their religious belief is question.

        Paul, I did not say evolution did not happen, I said the leap from another species to humans is unproven. Yes the human body has changed/evolved; my suggestion was that the human spirit has not evolved. That is to say our way of thinking has not change sense Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals days, and that they were not different species, just different “what we would call today” nationalities.
        AI: The visual that carries the human spirit has evolved, but not the human spirit itself.

        Noah, I’m on my own unique spiritual path, and yes intelligent design was a small step in my journey. You have to agree science/nature is full of jaw dropping WOWs and I believe in random luck just as much as anybody but for things to turn out like they have I have to wonder what are the odds. One in a billion (a billion times)?
        • Feb 13 2013: Thanks for the clarification. I agree that we know less about the spiritual evolution of prehistoric people - and, for that matter, the evolution of their intellect - than we do about their physical bodies, because unlike skeletal remains, we have only indirect evidence of spiritual and intellectual states of being. That, indeed, is one of the points explored in The Silk Code.

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