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What would Homo Sapiens possibly evolve into?

Will we ever evolve into something different,
What would the new species's characteristics be,
Can we co exist if this happens,

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    Jan 28 2013: I believe that the next stage of human evolution will be a technological one, not one that comes purely from the raw natural selection process.

    Genetically engineering ourselves
    Assimilating with mechanical technologies (Cyborgs)
    Networking our own minds more directly using technology potentially to network our brains
    Mechanically building and programming intelligent robotic life.

    The natural selection process doesn't really work any more, as we've technologized our lives to the point where we very easily pass on genetic defects. e.g I'm short-sighted, but with the aid of my galsses/contacts and the fact that their are no natural predators out to get me, I'm free to pass my short-sighted gene on indefinitely. This is why I feel that eventually we'll have to become masters of our own genes.

    Robotic intelligence, when it happens will be an extension of human intelligence. The internet is such a massive network of human information, that when the machine eventually wakes up, it will be the machine of our creation.

    Networking the human brain. This may well just start off as an iBrain interface but when people start to pool their minds in a more immersive way, we're gonna' see some pretty awesome shiz.

    The characteristics of our future selves - More networked and assimilated, the line between individual and hive-mind blurred. Emotional, but not in a way that we understand now (something more complex). Progression at an ever faster rate.

    Coexistence?.................. I er on the side of "probably not"

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