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An open-source financing model to implement net-zero-standard and sustainable structures and create jobs

Idea "Home Free", new American dream...
To have a web-based open source design interface. The user can choose their favorite location for their "ideal house" using an MLRS style listing of local properties, then a walk-thru digital design tool uploaded with local companies cabinetry, interiors, appliances, etc. Having plug-in features (aquaponics, methane digesters, solar PV and thermal, passive design features, composting toilets, cob/ cordwood edible landscaping etc: its YOUR dream home). The work will be paid, not volunteer thus creating jobs and attacking climate change and alternative energy goals as well, our #1 consumption point being residential.
Then- Using the optional membership raffle model to finance. Example: the average cost to build in america: $180,000 (that is construction and land paid IN FULL no morgages, no loans). Doing the math= 1,800 people with $100 or 5,000 people with $40 or monthly membership of twenty bucks, and you get a chance to win your dream house every other month. Thats right- FREE.
Franchise this function into every community in the country until not one person has a morgage to pay, and the freedom rings!
Im just a mom, I believe that if I dont get some help with this idea soon, I will have to learn how to code! please do let me know what you think!
- Stevi Rae


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  • Jan 28 2013: I think this is a good idea because of the resiliency it could provide to communities. Tolerating a wide variety of changes without disruptions in civility.

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