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An open-source financing model to implement net-zero-standard and sustainable structures and create jobs

Idea "Home Free", new American dream...
To have a web-based open source design interface. The user can choose their favorite location for their "ideal house" using an MLRS style listing of local properties, then a walk-thru digital design tool uploaded with local companies cabinetry, interiors, appliances, etc. Having plug-in features (aquaponics, methane digesters, solar PV and thermal, passive design features, composting toilets, cob/ cordwood edible landscaping etc: its YOUR dream home). The work will be paid, not volunteer thus creating jobs and attacking climate change and alternative energy goals as well, our #1 consumption point being residential.
Then- Using the optional membership raffle model to finance. Example: the average cost to build in america: $180,000 (that is construction and land paid IN FULL no morgages, no loans). Doing the math= 1,800 people with $100 or 5,000 people with $40 or monthly membership of twenty bucks, and you get a chance to win your dream house every other month. Thats right- FREE.
Franchise this function into every community in the country until not one person has a morgage to pay, and the freedom rings!
Im just a mom, I believe that if I dont get some help with this idea soon, I will have to learn how to code! please do let me know what you think!
- Stevi Rae


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    Jan 27 2013: Can I "play" this lottery as often as I like, or is it limited to those who do not own a home? If the former, I can win multiple homes and re-sell them for profit or charge high rent. If the latter I can continue to buy a $100 ticket with a 1-in-1800 chance, or a $40 ticket with 1-in-5000 chance, every two months until I win? It is possible I would never win since the chances of winning are less than 1-in-1. My money ($600 or $240 annually) would be used to build houses until I decide to quit buying tickets. Hmmmm.
    • Jan 28 2013: The idea is to facilitate the owning of the property and house free and clear, so you CAN "play" until you "win". In the same way that the bylaws could prefer local contractors and locally sourced manufactured things, there could be a stipulation that the property and house ownership could not be "transferred" for five/ten years(negotiable) either by student loan collectors, divorces or speculators etc., although people could certainly "give" the property in question to someone else if their "dream house" changes (new kids, losses, moving needed)- they could then "play until they win" again freely.
      Also, the persons whom CAN afford to build their own home could use the open-source aspects of the "design and engineering" that our "teaching tool" organization provides as well ! Finance the next house project with the "dividends". Cradle to Cradle.
    • Jan 28 2013: Oh, I almost forgot an important aspect, that if a person has already found their "perfect home" then the emphasis of the organization needs to be in mortgage removal and any necessary restoration of existing structures and upgrading to a net-zero standard. The same $180,000 applies in this case. This is where it can become something, indeed! as I see it. Imagine the implications for the mortgage markets! and local jobs.

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