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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Maybe more cash does make people happier. Especially salient are analyses done by University of Pennsylvania economists Daniel Sacks, Betsey Stevenson, and Justin Wolfers. In their updated 2010 study, “Subjective Well-Being, Income, Economic Development and Growth,” the three compare subjective well-being survey data from 140 countries with those countries' income and economic growth rates. The researchers find that within individual countries richer people are happier than poorer; people in richer countries are happier than people in poorer countries; and over time increased economic growth leads to increased happiness. “These results together suggest that measured subjective well-being grows hand in hand with material living standards,” they conclude..


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    Feb 10 2013: Money, on itself can never give happiness or joy unless you have a complimenting attitude when it comes to using your money for buying happiness. As it would explain, an unhappy soul cannot be satisfied with fancy dinners, expensive holidays, luxury clothing etc.However, such things might make you feel better for a while. When saying this, I agree with Leo Taylor when he explains the transitory and permanent states of happiness.

    Money with all its powers and magic, is only capable of buying a suitable environment, those perfect conditions and setup for your heart and mind to start feeling happiness. I have personally seen and known people, who have been happy in their lives in the longer run even if many phases of their lives has been a struggle for survival.

    Also, the happiness that comes without any influence of money is far more divine than what money can buy.

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