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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Maybe more cash does make people happier. Especially salient are analyses done by University of Pennsylvania economists Daniel Sacks, Betsey Stevenson, and Justin Wolfers. In their updated 2010 study, “Subjective Well-Being, Income, Economic Development and Growth,” the three compare subjective well-being survey data from 140 countries with those countries' income and economic growth rates. The researchers find that within individual countries richer people are happier than poorer; people in richer countries are happier than people in poorer countries; and over time increased economic growth leads to increased happiness. “These results together suggest that measured subjective well-being grows hand in hand with material living standards,” they conclude..


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    Feb 8 2013: Hi, Colleen. Happiness may be a choice, of course. I wanted to use 'stillness' just like the opposite to evolve, not like quietness, or restness. It's possible that my bad English (it's a little bit hard to me to write in Engelish) may be the responsible of my errors or misunderstandings. I love quietness and peace, rest and confort, -why not?-, but what I meant was stillness as a kind of resignation. I must be very careful with my expressions, I know, and I must beg the pardon of my friends for eventual misunderstandings.
    I know that my ignorance needs of a great dose of humbleness. The problem is that when one tries to express ideas, concepts or feelings, one can't be very good with grammar. :-)
    No, absolutely not. I do not perceive the adventures as a struggle or suffering, even though may times adventures, struggle or suffering go united or anyway entangled. I agree with you on that point. What I didn't explain correctly is that adventure has a little of risk (may be that could have been the right word...) or something like a certain grade of lack of our loved confort or 'security'.
    i also agrree with you about what means 'struggle' or 'pain'. I could to nuance my opinion about it but I'm afraid my English is not prepared even. Patience!
    And thank you very much for your words. Your so kind and generous!!
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      Feb 8 2013: Dear Sean,
      I wish I could speak Spanish as well as you write and speak English! The understanding in our conversations is not all your responsibility. I ask questions to clarify your meaning so I can understand to the best of my ability. Please do NOT take responsibility for all errors or misunderstandings....please:>) Any conversation is a two way street!

      I love quietness, peace, rest and comfort as well, and those are experiences that money cannot buy:>)

      OK....I understand better your use of stillness to mean resignation, and that helps me better understand your other comment, and I agree:>) You ARE NOT ignorant my friend, and please do not even say that again.

      I agree with you that adventure often has a little risk, which may cause us to feel insecure at times. I thank you for your patience with me as well my friend:>)
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        Feb 9 2013: Thank you very much. I apreciate Ted users worth and I really enjoy participating in their conversations. That provides me a nice input of ideas, opinions, feelings and topics, and lets me also improve my English, a language I love.
        I knew about ted by mean of a friend of mine, she's journalist. To me, TED is a place to enjoy. I I consider TED's friends like good friends. And always is good time for learning. (Really, all the life must be tiem for learning... and you all are a nice happening). Thanks for exist.

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