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Does human trafficking have to do with activities of Maoists in Nepal , and what are the chief reasons for their increase in power?

RANCHI: At a time when political parties are trying to check migration of labourers in the name of human trafficking, CPI(Maoist) operatives in the forest villages of the state have accused the government and main stream political parties of taking away their basic rights to live and earn. Admitting that a large number of villagers migrate even from the districts in which there is a considerable Maoist presence, a senior Maoist ideologue said unless they (read the Maoist organizations) are able to provide livelihood opportunities to villagers, they have no right to stop them from migrating and earn a living for their family. "We cannot put a ban on migration like the government is trying to impose because people leave their villages in search of jobs when they find no opportunity in farming due to drought or lack of employment opportunities at the local level," the Maoist leader said.
the above i took from a times of india reporter ..

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  • Jan 28 2013: You answered your own question.
    Trafficking has to do with survival.
    Traffickers are not bad people.
    Some actually help people get from a bad situation to a better one.
    Most traffickers might do horrible things (according to whatever media source),
    and they might not be nice people in another persons eyes, but they are just
    trying to survive and that is not wrong.

    It is the system that is wrong. It is the system that is unjust. It is the system that
    is corrupt by default.

    Traffickers are not "bad people" and those reading this are "good people".
    They are people trying to survive in very bad circumstances.

    We need to get rid of the causes and reasons for corruption and crime, and things like
    trafficking will simply disappear because there will no longer be a reason to do it.
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        Jan 29 2013: hey , yes i have been to nepal and i live in india itself .
        and i agree that major reason for the power of masoists is the corrupt government here .
        but it is coz of ppl then coz in india there is a democratic ppl that is again elected by the ppl , and ppl don't turn up to vote , so again corrupt government comes , maoists don't beleive in democracy , so u see a round circle is there , and again the same thing continues . So , either the centre government or the ppl hav to break it .

        the idea about this article came into my mind , coz i do hav 3 nepali working at my farm house , and they were telling about the happening in nepal , so they want to bring their family to india , so its their wish , and they are happy to do so and they are not forced by traffickers , but the point is if nepali ppl spread in india they make the network of maoists stronger , which again adds to the power of maoists in nepal by providing them with the information of every step the government takes . so a lot of confusion is there , government is at fix and the problem is still continuing from so many years . u see like something can be done if we stop access or break their network like china does among their ppl .
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        Jan 31 2013: K B , got u , yes , i am new to TED , i am really looking forward to solve this problem practically , as its a real mystery so it caught my attention ....

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