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Does human trafficking have to do with activities of Maoists in Nepal , and what are the chief reasons for their increase in power?

RANCHI: At a time when political parties are trying to check migration of labourers in the name of human trafficking, CPI(Maoist) operatives in the forest villages of the state have accused the government and main stream political parties of taking away their basic rights to live and earn. Admitting that a large number of villagers migrate even from the districts in which there is a considerable Maoist presence, a senior Maoist ideologue said unless they (read the Maoist organizations) are able to provide livelihood opportunities to villagers, they have no right to stop them from migrating and earn a living for their family. "We cannot put a ban on migration like the government is trying to impose because people leave their villages in search of jobs when they find no opportunity in farming due to drought or lack of employment opportunities at the local level," the Maoist leader said.
the above i took from a times of india reporter ..

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    Jan 28 2013: Kate blanke , i was just trying to explain human trafficking and the source was wiki , and you quoted me " on that bmw thing " i found it rude , ppl who drive bmw don't encourage trafficking , its a option that is available to them from society itself and i guess its not bad if you are supporting and providing wages to poor ppl , and that could also be done by new startups by providing them jobs , but never mind , i will try to be simple in my thought process :)

    Krisztián Pintér , coming back to ur questions ..
    maoists are only fighting for ensuring that all types of freedom, rights and democracy for all sections of toiling masses .

    and the reason to disagree with the government is same that they are not given what they want , coz our government is democratic and how can it provide full freedom to them , there has to be restrictions by law and order .

    what i believe that this issue could have been resloved by the earlier political parties , at the initial stage of their development but they did not , coz they saw their personal profits as earlier maoists used to provide power to oppostion and so the movement continued to grow , and now it became so humongous that even centre government is finding difficulty in suppress the issue .

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