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Does human trafficking have to do with activities of Maoists in Nepal , and what are the chief reasons for their increase in power?

RANCHI: At a time when political parties are trying to check migration of labourers in the name of human trafficking, CPI(Maoist) operatives in the forest villages of the state have accused the government and main stream political parties of taking away their basic rights to live and earn. Admitting that a large number of villagers migrate even from the districts in which there is a considerable Maoist presence, a senior Maoist ideologue said unless they (read the Maoist organizations) are able to provide livelihood opportunities to villagers, they have no right to stop them from migrating and earn a living for their family. "We cannot put a ban on migration like the government is trying to impose because people leave their villages in search of jobs when they find no opportunity in farming due to drought or lack of employment opportunities at the local level," the Maoist leader said.
the above i took from a times of india reporter ..

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    Jan 27 2013: ppl i am not talking abt migration , actually its about trafficking , which supports maoists as their people start spreading throughout the country and makes their network strong , their needs , i mean illegally all the support , coz power is already in their hands , allow me share something related to human trafficking , this might put more light on the issue .
    Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings mainly for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor. Other purposes can be extraction of organs, or tissues[1][2] or even surrogacy or ova removal[3]

    The Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children (also referred to as the Trafficking Protocol) was adopted by the United Nations in Palermo, Italy in 2000, and is an international legal agreement attached to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. The Trafficking Protocol is one of three Protocols adopted to supplement the Convention.[4] The Protocol is the first global, legally binding instrument on trafficking in over half a century and the only one that sets out an agreed definition of trafficking in persons. The purpose of the Protocol is to facilitate convergence in national cooperation in investigating and prosecuting trafficking in persons. An additional objective of the Protocol is to protect and assist the victims of trafficking in persons with full respect for their human rights. The Trafficking Protocol defines human trafficking as:
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      Jan 27 2013: okay, let's assume i don't know a damn thing about the region, which is pretty much accurate. so please explain it in a super simple way:

      1. what maoists do or don't do?
      2. what maoists want?
      3. why the maoists disagree with the government if they are in the government?
      4. what other's say? who are those others?
      5. etc

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