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Investing in the early years: Infants and Toddlers. There is a need to focus on the cognitive, social and emotionl development before school

Brain development begins when the baby is in the womb. We must nuture their cognitive development the moment they are born. Developing the social and emotional skills must be done simultaneously with the cognitive (they all go together) because different sections of the brain are responsible for developing different skills. When you invest in infants and toddlers you invest in our future workforce and minimize the possiblity of that person becoming a product of the prison system later in their life. In Harlem we started the "First 2000 Days Campaign" (from birth to the first day your child starts school is about 2000 days) other states have it, however New York is a little behind.


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  • Jan 27 2013: I am not focusing education as the avenue to wealth. I have looked at extensive research as it pertains to Black and Latino infants and toddlers. I also go by what I've seen within the daycare system. Many of the private day care in Brooklyn and the Bronx are owned by individuals that no very little and most times nothing about early childhood and what it means to provide them with quality care. When a parent is knowlegable about the quality care their infant and toddler should receive they can either demand that or seek that. They can also ask certain questions because they have some knowledge base to work from. Many of the private childcare programs in Brooklyn, Bronx and Harlem focus on collecting the money the city pays for having an infant toddler in their program rather than providing the quality care necessary to help the child in their development milestones nor do they let the parent know some things they can do at home.

    My mother is an Infant Toddler Specialist, has a background in early childhood education for over 25 years and is a certified teacher. For the last 10 years she's been in the Administrator capacity. I am a mother of a 16 month old and have a 15 year old sister.

    We focus on helping parents to understand the importance of cognitive development; we focus on Harlem. We also offer workshops to other child care providers, however many are reluctant and believe they don't need additional knowledge. In almost every professional there is professional development opportunities because new tools and skills are developed to make you more effective in your field. We've also offered to conduct free workshops at organizations and for individuals and that has been a real challenge.

    Other states have the The First 2000 Days Campaign. Businessmen understand the importance of investing in infants and toddlers because they are the future workforce.

    I know there will always be a population heading to prison system for various reasons.

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