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Investing in the early years: Infants and Toddlers. There is a need to focus on the cognitive, social and emotionl development before school

Brain development begins when the baby is in the womb. We must nuture their cognitive development the moment they are born. Developing the social and emotional skills must be done simultaneously with the cognitive (they all go together) because different sections of the brain are responsible for developing different skills. When you invest in infants and toddlers you invest in our future workforce and minimize the possiblity of that person becoming a product of the prison system later in their life. In Harlem we started the "First 2000 Days Campaign" (from birth to the first day your child starts school is about 2000 days) other states have it, however New York is a little behind.


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  • Jan 27 2013: Fritzie,

    My mother is an Infant Toddler Specialist in New York. We reside in Harlem. My mother is an independent Education Consultant. We have spoke with several individuals at companies, mostly non profit, government officials, staff of local political offices. We also offer workshops to parents and staff development to day care and family child care providers. All of these stakeholder say yes the information you share is important and yes there is a problem. However they are not doing anything to help solve the issue by providing parents with a roadmap to help their children with the cognitive, social and emotional skills they need to assist them in school and later in life. We have offered to conduct FREE workshops and can not find an organization that will say yes. We've also spoken with a few welfare offices. Many agree that it's important, but it seems its in theory and not practice. Even the office of children and family services of New York State, the entity that secured the grant for my mother and others to be trained to become an infant toddler specialist do not help to promote the trainers.

    There are numerous private childcare program in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan that are not providing quality care to the infants and toddlers they only want to get the money from the city to keep the children during the week. This is the reason I pose the statement, we need to invest in our infants and toddlers. I hope this helps. Thank you for commenting.
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      Jan 28 2013: I see. It is a very big priority in many other locations.

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