Lee Flockton

Teacher/ Educator, Birchville Primary School

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Should student attendance be considered as a factor when performance reviews are undertaken on a teacher?

If in the modern education system there is a push towards students finding learning meaningful to them, should the attendance of these students be somewhat considered when reviewing performance of a teacher? I don't believe it is the one and only but we are in a system where it is just as important in the teachers job to have students positive about learning in an environment they feel is safe and meaningful. Therefore we can check the performance of the teacher in part by looking into truancy trends in particular students. In one year a student may have a near perfect attendance yet the previous year that said student may have had 50% attendance, would this not be an indicator that the student is more engaged in their learning and therefore wanting to be at school?

This would indicate success for a teacher!!!

Yes there may be other factors that have influenced this but when teachers are marked on performance of students achievement/ progress in curriculum learning there is also other factors outside of the teachers control...

What do you think???

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    Apr 5 2011: Having done many lectures and taught on and out of the formal Brazilian education system I think that the idea of reviewing the performance of the teacher on an attendance and tests (the grades should be used to review the teacher's performance as well as the student's).

    The tests should be used to review how much of the content the student memorized, but how much he has understood and is able to create/develop using it as knowledge base.