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Money now spent on prosecution be spent to change society and sub-population groups to prevent crime.

A great deal of dollars are being spent on prosecution of criminals in a process that does not seem to work efficiently or effectively at elimination of or reducing crime. Suppose all of those dollars were spent on positive projects to cause people to behave in honorable, legal ways. That might be a more effective way of spending taxpayer dollars to reduce crime.

  • Jan 28 2013: when you get rid of the causes and or reasons for crime, then you get rid of laws pertaining to them because there then are no reasons to commit crimes.
    Simple but not so simple to enact, I know.
    Laws don't solve the problem of crime and that is a problem if that is what needs to be solved.
    The cause is never dealt with, never eradicated because people go on believing in lies, that this can never be accomplished.

    So we continually use bandages, cosmetic fixes, none that work.

    Nothing really adds to our economic benefit any longer, as money grows in value,
    the quality of life goes down. It is only money now that increases its own value.

    If we got down to causes, and got rid of the causes we would get rid of close to 100% of all crime.
    Maybe not to a 100%, but something close would be incredibly beneficial to all cultures, countries and communities.

    I don't believe the growth of privately owned prisons adds anything positive to our lives and is not in our best interests.
    • Jan 30 2013: I agree with you. Happy Today. Surely, our generation possesses sufficient creativity, intelligence, positive values and desires to co-create the kind of world in which we can all enjoy life from birth until death. Let's just do that. Modern technology, e.g., robots, can be used to elevate the joy level of humanity and relieve human beings of the slavery of work-for-money/work-for-survival experiences. Freedom. Basic goods and services required for human dignity. There are lots of positive possibilities and probabilities. Forward with positive action. We shall succeed. (Quickly, I hope.)
      • Jan 31 2013: Yes.
        Automation was or is, supposed to free humans from dangerous, harmful, boring labor.
        Instead it is used to put people out of work so that profits can be higher.

        The greatest resource we have, each other, means nothing to a system that automates solely for profit and not the freedom, benefit and comfort of life for all.

        The first knife, fork, spoon or other kind of tool was to help relieve humans from such stress and to make life more enjoyable.
        This began long before money existed and needs to be gotten back to.
        Easy. Get rid of money and prepare anew to create a new, just system.

        It not only can be done, it needs to be done. Virtually most of the world's enslaved humans would vote for it except for one problem: voting doesn't work.
  • Jan 27 2013: Building strong families will not stop crime.
    Teaching morals or morality will not stop crime.
    Religion will not stop crime.
    Passing laws will not stop crime.
    Virtually everything done by humans has not stopped crime.
    Building more prisons will not stop crime.
    Incarcerating more people will not stop crimes.

    By the way, since more and more prisons in America are privately owned businesses,
    they are now like any other business.
    They are in competition for dollars, they need customers, and they need steady growth,
    leading to more and higher profits.

    That means more criminal activity and if there is none, then passing more laws which serve to
    make more of the public into criminals.

    With the kinds of pressures and stresses constantly added to our survival environment,
    it only stands to reason that more people will wind up breaking a law just to survive.

    Ultimately, survival will become more and more against the law, except in very narrowly defined constraints.
    or restraints if one is so unlucky.
    People below a certain age today ((maybe 30-35?), in America now stand a much better chance of being sent to prison in their lifetimes along with their children, whether or not they have built a strong family.
    Just ask black people who have some very strong family units and as Richard Pryor once said, "look around in the Halls of Justice, and what do you see? Just -us."

    Get rid of the reasons for crime and you will have virtually no crime.
    The main, direct reason, proven by studies is money.

    In essence, there is no such thing as a "criminal mind" and there is no such thing as the "criminally minded"
    unless, and until, you can study,observe, and conclude upon someone who has committed a crime in a
    society in which there are no reasons to commit crimes.
    THEN, you have a good idea that they might have a criminal mind.

    Many are labeled as such when they are not, but that concept is used again and again to institutionalize those outside the bars as much as those inside.
    • Jan 27 2013: Random, perhaps the implication of what you are saying is: Release all imprisoned people who are in prison because of (nonviolent) crimes committed based on the need for survival necessitated by lack of money. That is certainly an idea worth considering. Thanks for your input.
  • Jan 27 2013: Interesting proposal.
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    Jan 27 2013: Are you advocating the cessation of all prosecutorial activity? If so, we can also stop all defense activity. As a result there is no need for a criminal justice system. Massive unemployment in the Lawyer business will probably not be heavily supported (by all the lawyers) in Washington DC. Laws cause crime by definition. You suggest getting rid of laws so the need to prosecute lawbreakers is eliminated? You can't be serious.
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    Gail .

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    Jan 27 2013: The solution does not come through spending. The criminal justice system adds a lot of economic growth to our economy (through spending), and it is in our economy's best interests for it to continue to grow profitably. Think about this and what it means.

    I highly recommend that you watch this TED video. It's important.

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    Jan 27 2013: Laws and the efforts of positive thinking gurus can not make people behave in honourable and legal ways; and prosecution of criminals is not neccessarily meant to reduce crime (except of course in nations where 'prosecution' means 'persecution')'

    The focus should be on building strong families. The family is the foundation of a good society. You can not see the foundation of a house when you are living in it; but it determines if your house would stand or fall when the storms hit.
    If children grow up in love and are inculcated with positive values in their formative years, then they are most likely to grow up to be responsible adults.

    The breakdown of families in recent times may seem like a small issue; in fact, it may be thought to be insignificant. But a virus would only be seen under a microscope, yet it could confine a human being to a sick bed for a long time.
    Millions of dollars will not change the minds of the criminally minded; afterall there are many crooked millionnaires around.