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School, a chance to explore or a chance to conform?

I am currently a high school junior and growing up everyone always said the high school years are the best of your life. However, I could not disagree more with that. In school, I have one class that I actually learn something in and the rest is just review for me and I'm simply bored out of my mind I just want to get out of the four walls of school and learn outside of when the civil war happened or the present tense conjugation of leer or read Robert Frost for the millionth time. Personally, when I get bored I selectively choose not to do anything I'm not forced to do and of course that lands me in heaps of trouble because I turn around and I'm failing a class that I'm "good in". Let's take the current English example, we start a new semester and we're not learning anything we just sit there until the idiots and fools understand (a problem with having the honors and regular kids in the same class). When they finally do understand we sit as the teacher goes over something I learned years ago but has never even been mentioned seemingly to anyone else. So my question is what am I exploring, what is so wonderful about it? My feelings are that the production of C students is on the rise because no one cares enough to produce anything better therefore you just have kids fitting a mold instead of breaking it. While I recognize something like K12 as an option, most parents don't and refuse to let their child participate in something like that besides the fact that they are literally suffering in school, this could be because they are super artsy, want to explore, are bored or are just too smart or like me are a deadly combo of all of those things. Every parent gives their own reasons for example, socializing or my dad's favorite "online school isn't perfected yet".

Thoughts and experiences encouraged.


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  • Jan 29 2013: The comments on this conversation have been absolutely amazing some of them just downright inspiring. I didn't want to pose a question and start a conversation I wasn't really going to be involved with so let's talk, shall we? TED lover, I think you are amazing and have brought up points that I can't believe someone who doesn't know me came up with. TED lover is correct in the aspect that I don't have anyone around to talk about it that understands. I have tried multiple times and failed (miserably I may add) to talk about it with my mother who believes basically that if it's so easy I need to go to school and get straight A's and come home and shut up. With my mom there is never any explaining of I can't just sit there and get straight A's I COULD but I can't because school doesn't fit the whole world doesn't fit. Just as TED lover said "It's like being a three-dimensional being in a two-dimensional world." I talk about it with my dad and I get the same results, and with anyone else you can just forget about it. At times I have considered finding a job and working for a while saving my money and just dropping out of school and simply leaving and going to the UK or something. Recently I think about that option more and more often because I need to get out of my school, my world and most importantly MY HEAD. It's like there is a little me sitting in my head giving me all of these ideas, and it's simply confusing. Maybe as TED lover as said I "awakened", I never even fathomed that thought because I still didn't know what I was going to do to generate money in my life. There were some things that I did know however, I don't fit in my world or rule it (which doesn't make sense because by all accounts I should be the Queen, Princess, Lady, Countess, Duchess and Baroness of my world), I don't fit in at school (not because I have some smarter than thou attitude or because I don't have friends, I've got loads), I want to start a youtube channel, a blog, a jewelry/clothes

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