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Develop a Medical History Synchronization of patients to make doctors have easy access to patients medical history in any health facility

Is there any system anywhere, where Medical History of a patients are all synchronized onto a database, so that, in the event where a patient moves from one hospital to the other, the new doctor in charge is able to know possibly from going through the synchronized data of the patient on a computer, the entire medical history of the patient. Assuming the doctor is treating the same ailment reported by the patient at the old health facility, might know the kinds of drugs that were prescribed earlier on and couldn't help, reason for which you're changing your health service providers.

  • Jan 29 2013: for how long has it been operating in Green Bay? Thinking of carrying it out as a project in Ghana.
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      Jan 29 2013: There is a health care alliance here that has several decades working together. Today they are called the Greater Green Bay Healthcare Alliance. It is an alliance of providers, education, and community stakeholders that assist in the provision of care to the area. The EMR is one of the results of the work of this committee which includes addressing education, workforce, and healthcare issues. The website and educational initiatives are also works in progress. Many people work together to make this happen. Including leveraging community and financial support.

      Hope that helps.
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    Jan 26 2013: We have this in Green Bay. I think it will go statewide. Our hospitals are all integrating a single EMR as well as all the clinics. If the clinic is too small or unable to integrate the EMR, the hospitals are helping foot the bill. I do not know if they are publishing this but that is how it works here.