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How does it feel to live in a "flyover state"?

Some people say life in the U.S. is most exciting on the coasts, East Coast and West Coast, and they jokingly call the other states "the flyover states," meaning they're not too exciting and you just fly over them as you go back and forth between the coasts. For those of you living in "the flyover states," is this a fair characterization? How does it feel to live there? For people on the coasts, is your life more exciting?

For people in other countries, is there a similar division, that life is considered most exciting on the coasts?

I live right on the edge of Los Angeles, and I'm kind of torn. Part of me thinks it's pretty exciting to live anywhere. Another part just loves L.A., feels like it's the only interesting place to live on Earth.


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    Jan 26 2013: .
    Based on the definition of happiness ---- The feeling of a-step-better for keeping our DNA alive:
    (1) To live there long enough will certainly be happy.
    (2) To live there will be unhappy if you often compare there with the cost area.

    (See also: On “Dan Gilbert: "The surprising science of happiness”)

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