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How do homeless people end up homeless?

"Once, twice, three or four times a Maybe": What are some of the hard and compelling truths about social imbalance in America as it pertains to a four-way minority: Black, female, homeless, and living with major depressive disorder.


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  • Jan 26 2013: I have found that homeless people lie because they don't have anywhere to lie down.
    People do the best they can to walk this earth with any amount of dignity they are able to muster.
    And most people refuse to see it.
    It isn't that they can't. It isn't that they don't.
    It is that they refuse to, because it takes a lot of dignity to walk that way.
    I had been homeless for many years, and now I haven't lived outside for almost 30 years.
    (I've come close though)
    Thirty years ago, that point represented most of my life.

    Unless a person, willfully sleeps outside on the ground and there is no mental illness involved,
    I simply cannot, nor do not, oops, sorry, I refuse, to see the blame on them.

    Especially since there is no real good reason, whatsoever, for anyone to be homeless, in the world.
    That is a failure of those who have, not those who have not.

    That is withholding love as punishment.
    We're supposed to love.
    Not be - in - love.
    But being love.

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