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Based upon a discussion we are having in the Idea area, I wonder - how do you define morality and why? Where does your definition come from?

I have been working on curriculum for college students that incorporates literature and the notion of being a moral, ethical person; it is clear that I need to step back and first come up with a clearer definition of morality or ethics.


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  • Jan 28 2013: Morality consists of the guidelines within a particular society which offers its adherents the greatest possibility of a successful life within that society. There is often a tension between what we wish our culture's morality was and what it actually is. There are also institutionalized moralities which have originated in different cultures which are destructive when taken out of context. Morality is what works. To insist that someone adhere to a morality which does not work is immoral.

    Experience, common sense, observation, wishful thinking.

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