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Use open source and peer to peer to peer techniques to create a (small) nation.

The idea is basically to create a Nation based on Open Source and Peer to Peer techniques. So in principle take the open source functionality that created Wikipedia and Linux for example and apply it to found a new country.
It occurred to me while watching the ever on going not changing political processes that seem more and more get in to way of everything. Now don't get me wrong. This idea was not based on the idea of running away from discussions and problem solving but more on the idea to have a "proof of concept" to show: It is possible and it works.
Not like in BioShock the vision of one man that turns bad but the vision of many that grows.
So this could start with a basic constitution made with github (like the Copy-Right-Act-Citizens draft). And so on. And when the basics are set there could be an open source development of the location and necessary facilitates of the Nation. This may seem a bit far fetched but I think it is possible. There have been efforts to create islands with the bio-rock technique for example. Also personally I believe that with a bunch of creative heads it would be possible to make a good living even in the most deserted place you can purchase. A bit like in The foundation by Isaac Asimov.
Anyhow. I don't have the skills to get this thing rolling. And I don't know if it would roll anyhow. So I thought I'd turn to wikipedia for learning and ideas from others. Also if a thing like this already exists please let me know. I couldn't find anything so far.

What do you think?


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