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Put the world to work cleaning up the world

Virtually the entire world could be put to work, including all military forces and equipment, around the world, with each country playing an important part, utilizing everything we do and produce for living and life, by working together, without any one country in charge or military running the show (they will be told what to do), cleaning the seven garbage patch islands choking and killing ALL our oceans. Breaking them up, removing them and recycling or destroying them. The cause is all of us. The solution takes all of us. Manpower of every sort, clothing, fuel, machines, recycling, destroying, transporting, feeding, medical, education, etc. Virtually all we do will be in action, as each supports another adjacent part that it relies upon or relies upon it. We all rely upon each other but most importantly, we rely upon this earth to support us and we must clean it up.

These garbage islands are killing the oceans. Make no mistake about it.

We also use the billions of us to clean up all the trash that is choking all of our ecological systems, from rivers, lakes, beaches, streams, streets, forests and so on. We could have it done in a very short time considering there are billions of us to shoulder the labor and those who work in the industries of providing the things we need, do so. They provide them, we provide factories for incineration, destroying, recycling and so on and it goes on down the line until it closes and we are all supporting one another, around the globe.

Or maybe keeping the oceans alive is not much of a priority.

I tried this once before and received no responses so I guess it isn't.
It's all just talk.

By the way, it wouldn't cost money. It would cost people, it would empower people worldwide and it would help wean us all off the corrupt, unjust and polluting monetary system.

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    Jan 29 2013: http://www.teemeara.ee/en

    Dear All. / Random Chance
    Please check the link above. In Estonia already took place such movement of people who would like to make
    surrounding areas cleaner. Its free of charge and no commercial basis. I think that different countries could take
    it as example of how shall we act ?
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    Jan 27 2013: This is one of the things I wish humanity would be united to do. We are doing a lot of not-so-relevant things and are leaving the most important things.
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    Gail .

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    Jan 26 2013: You are so right. But as most people do not understand the corrupt, unjust, and polluting monetary system, they fear the cure for the disease that attacks them. In this way, they walk us closer and closer to humanity's demise.
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    Jan 26 2013: .
    Also, or even more urgent, eradicate "the origin of these garbage"---- INVALID (ineffective, untrue , unreal) happiness.
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    Jan 25 2013: Could one take this in steps as a sort of demonstration? For example, could one start with a neighborhood and move outward as the benefit of such community clean-up catches on? Has this been done on a neighborhood level?

    Or is your idea that everyone would drop what they are doing to do this as a first priority?
    • Jan 26 2013: As an ecological species on this planet, I would suggest we drop everything and start right now.

      We do not know how much time we have as a species, a group as it were. We better get going or we are going to get going.

      Our focus might bring us together, or if you will.... to ....gather.

      Almost everyone on the planet could and would be involved in this endeavor and that means no money at all, because in reality, no money is needed.

      Nothing costs money. Everything costs people.
      Just as humans have "pol--looted" the globe,
      money pollutes all that we do. That needs serious observation and even quicker denouncement, banishment and elimination from our lives, meaning our "SYSTEMS".

      Things don't......"get done"...... because of money.
      Things......"don't get done".......because of money.

      Things get done because of people.
    • Jan 27 2013: Fritzie
      People already are doing this at beaches in America. How often, how many, how much, I do not know.
      But like I said, this is a very pressing and urgent matter.

      I have read that the "experts" say this stuff will be here 1,000 years from now, even if they stop growing now.
      They also admit that these islands are killing all of the environments around them and that will spread, it will affect every landmass around the globe and the repercussions and ramifications move faster in the well-known domino effect, and they move inland too.

      These experts have also claimed these garbage islands are too large to clean up, yet the killing is real.
      The dying of all kinds of ecological systems is real and is happening as I type this post. It isn't stopping when I stop and go to sleep.

      Or, maybe it isn't that important. As long as we have the super bowl or the world cup or whatever, things are okay.

      It isn't just Americans who worship lies but they are as crazy about their lies as the Muslims, Catholics and Jews are about theirs.
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        Jan 27 2013: One sort of activity which is widespread in America is Adopt a Street and Adopt a Park programs. Groups of people, such as employees of a business, school, or other institution sign up to Adopt a Street, which means that they do clean up there regularly.

        Another systemic action is recycling, which in many locations is mandatory and reduces substantially the material that goes into landfills.

        Have you been involved in things like this where you live? What types of activities of this kind do those around you engage in?
  • Jan 25 2013: Yeah, right.
    Good luck.