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Is our traditional sexual moral and ancient way of birth control?

Genes don't control our sexual behavior by saying to us: “Don't have sex with your siblings or your offspring will be unhealthy” or “don't do it with someone of your own sex or you will have no offspring at all”. Genes talk to us by giving us an emotional reaction like disgust.

Most cultures reinforce these moral intuitions by condemning sexual behaviors that don't result in offspring like homosexuality and masturbation. Unfortunately this creates a lot of secrecy which has proven to be a very fertile ground for huge variety of things we don't want. Rape, child abuse, sexual slavery, uncontrolled prostitution and illegal pornography thrive in the shadow of taboo.

Today we have better technologies for birth control and our moral intuitions can sometimes even be misguided. That's why we need a new sexual moral that prevents sexual abuse and increases psychological well-being.

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    Jan 27 2013: No sexual moral would prevent sexual abuse; just as no law has been able to create a crime-free society. Talking about a new sexual moral is like talking about new wisdom or new truths. Wisdom is wisdom; same as if the 15th century, same as today. Truth is truth; it is usually what it is. It does not only become the truth when it is dicovered or known.

    We may have a lot of fancy gadgets and technologies; but there is nothing new under the sun because the most important part of life on earth, that is, humanity, remain the same in nature.
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    Jan 26 2013: 2nd para and 3rd para of your explanation above is not both homosexuality / masturbation don't have the risk of unwanted pregnancy, so today's technologies in controling pregnancy doesn't apply in those situation...

    However it will be interesting to listen thoughts round the evolution of sexual morality in different clan, culture, religion, and society those came in forth only after pre-historic humankind evolved in to a level of understanding of having a family of her/his own...