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The key to a better life for young people in the world is read books that will practically change the way they think.

Reading helps your mind. once your mind is stretched by a thought it never regains its original dimensions. when young people are exposed to books that teach them how to lead better lives, they will become better people. Books transformed my life as a growing child. we must make our kids start reading again. not just school books but books that talk about life and how to deal with challenges.


Closing Statement from BEN-OSAIN TEDDY

I think that books are a basic necessity for kids not just story books and cartoons but biographies, personal development and inspirational books. Books trigger the mind to imagine and conceptualize things; these information can really shape a child's cognitive process thus improving the child's general outlook and perception of life. Like Steve C said let them wonder about life and making real decisions. Feyisayo made a very great point; readers are hardly petty or materialistic which amounts to the world's greatest problems. Imagine how much we can change our world by encouraging our kids to read good books.

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