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Creating TED fan pages for every country.

On Facebook that is, i already took the liberty of making one in Swedish but i don't have the energy to get in to it right now... just thought that it would be nice for people to be able to discuss things in their own language if they want... and it's a great steppingstone for those whom TED would not reach without going multilingual and taking advantage of the power of Facebook.
Lets make everyone know in every language that TED exists and what it's about!

Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

TEDswe and TEDspa was created on facebook, the progress for TEDswe is... not progressing... since I still haven't put much energy into it...

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    Apr 6 2011: I fully agree you. I have created TEDspa (Spain). Right now it is a closed group (not sure about it, because Facebook reported lots of errors creating it), but if everything is going right, I will open it as soon as possible
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      Apr 7 2011: Hi Javier, I noticed that you requested to join TEDswe, although I appreciate your support if you do not speak Swedish or live in Sweden I think that it's inappropriate that all TEDsters join all other countries groups, lets just stick with TED and the country/countries that we are affiliated with.

      Still, I'm glad to hear it!
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    Mar 30 2011: i suggest this ted fan page should use twitter to announce news and events
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    Mar 30 2011: Hi Jimmy,

    I think that will be GREAT. We should have a TED FP (Fan Page) for each country.
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      Mar 30 2011: Thank you Shahar, I've created TEDswe (tonight), will you create one for Malaysia and tell me about it?