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Would you like to try to balance the budget?

We all complain that the parts of the federal budget are not to our liking so why not take a crack at doing your own and see how you fare.

Go to the web site supplied below and test your budget design and then come back and tell us how you did and what you think?

Go to: Budget Simulator

  • Jan 26 2013: for us people who only see the spending from the outside prospective would be of no help. their are programs that they do not tell us about that spend money and those programs will not change so their is nothing that we can really do to make the situation better unless those people do see the situation that we are in and change if for the better but that would never happen.
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    Jan 25 2013: where is that simulator, people? i see no link
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      Jan 25 2013: There are several online that pop up when you search for "federal budget simulator."

      Bob, which one are you using?
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    Gail .

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    Jan 25 2013: I went to the budget simulator, but I I was given false choices. If I were the God of the budget, it would look very different indeed.

    I once considered having income tax returns serve as a budget. Every person had line-item veto of sorts. Everyone pays some tax. Then they check off what they are willing to have their part of their taxes support.

    You would probably support an ever-present military whereas I wouldn't. You may or may not support 'faith based initiatives" whereas I wouldn't. Neither of us would support grants, I suspect. But on the other side of the coin, there are many who would support all of these. The budget = the amount of taxes that each person's willingness to support authorizes.

    Of course, I do not believe in hiding taxes from the american citizen. Let's do away with business taxes because they are merely pass-through entities, and taxes that they pay are multiplied many times over before being passed onto consumers who have no idea how much tax is included in the price of the product they just purchased. (A formal way to dumb-down American citizens).

    But the budget simulator gives so few choices that it's laughable.
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      Jan 26 2013: I alsoi have my pets I would love to eliminate but as they are not on the simulator .... I will play with the options given to me.

      Seek another simulator or devise your own .... present your options to the TED community so that we can embrace them and add them to out personal list.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
  • Jan 25 2013: The budget isn't balanced because the people doing it don't really want to do it. Sound tactical decisions do not always add up to sound strategy.
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    Jan 25 2013: Having attempted the school district budget, you are now on to the big one!