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Proposed high school required oath in Arizona

HB 2467 in Arizona if passed would required high school seniors to take a oath to support the Constitution to be eligble to graduate.

Do you feel this is right .... is it Constitutional?


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    Jan 26 2013: I copied two paragraphs from the AZCentral:

    All public high-school seniors would have to recite an oath supporting the U.S. Constitution to be able to graduate, under a proposal in House Bill 2467 sponsored by Rep. Bob Thorpe, R-Flagstaff.

    And all students in first through 12th grades would have to say the pledge of allegiance each day if House Bill 2284, sponsored by Rep. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, passes.

    Ridiculous and moronic are the norm in the legeslative class and hardly act as disqualifiers to narrow the list down. If this Bill bothers you ... you really do not want to go to azleg.gov and look at the pending Bills. It is going to be a bummpy ride this year.

    We make it to Scottsdale often ... is there a place I can view your paintings for sale?

    Thanks for the reply. I wish you well. Bob.

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