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Proposed high school required oath in Arizona

HB 2467 in Arizona if passed would required high school seniors to take a oath to support the Constitution to be eligble to graduate.

Do you feel this is right .... is it Constitutional?


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  • Jan 25 2013: Worthless.
    How do, or would you, expect them to follow, uphold and value the Constitution, when their leaders don't?
    People, you, me and others, have put into office, into positions of trust and follow them, believe in them and even give them the benefit of the doubt, particularly after we have found out they all have been lying to the us/US for decades?

    Their military leaders, political leaders, financial leaders, religious leaders, educational leaders, and corporate leaders.
    It should read:
    Their military liars, political liars, financial liars, religious liars, educational liars, and corporate liars. To list a few.
    Not to mention sports leaders, entertainment celebrities and even parents who are lying more often to their children, about more things, in America today?
    Why do people continually look at the wrong solution to our problems instead of going straight to the cause and the individuals and getting rid of them and it?
    Could it be that so many have finally gone over the edge and acquiesced away any idea of victory leading to a better world, that all they can do is talk about things, pretending they really care about younger people who are inheriting, going to inherit what we have for them, and then those who might not inherit anything at all expect ruin?

    If we teach the children of today, how to dismantle their government and install a just one, creating a just system, then we are educating them correctly. Otherwise, we are only educating them (some), in how to try and become successful in an unjust system that will require, nay, demand and force them to break laws, ethics, trust and other attributes we need to rely on, in order to rise above the muck more and more are being forced to squirm around in, as they call it life, living or hope.

    The Declaration of Independence, tells, commands, directs and even compels us/US to do so and it tells us what to replace it with. That would be upholding our Constitution. Not them, not younger folk, but all of us/US

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