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How to stop corruption in poor countires in an effort to fight poverty?

Not that I have any influence other than doing my best to not participate in this process as an individual, I would like to seek some practical and plausible ideas to help stop and control corruption in an effort to reduce poverty in poor and 3rd world countries.

The amount of wealth amazed and held by the elite government authorities (especially after assuming the official position in their respective governments) of several of these countries stifle the growth and develop of their nations and also severely damage the progress of their people and the ability to develop programs to reduce and eventually eradicate poverty.

While government bodies and world forums discuss on programs to help reduce poverty such as educating women, enabling the poor people to earn a living by teaching them labor skills and creating small industries, addressing and implementing viable programs and governing systems to stop such serious corruption doesn’t seem to surface. They provide such governing system to monitor and evaluate local election processes in many countries but not to manage, control and evaluate the level of corruption.

Having said this, I do understand that corruption exists in many rich industrialized nations as well where the elite authorities hold the majority of the wealth. But poverty, and unemployment in the third world (countries in Africa) and developing countries (India, Pakistan) often lead to crime, famine, and many other destructive patterns. And sadly these countries are well known for their rampant corruption and very corrupt governments with a large percentage of people at poverty levels.

What can world governing bodies, forums and nations do to eradicate poverty by stopping corruption as opposed to unifying only to stop the outcomes and result of such poverty ie. Crime, terrorism, famine, etc.?


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    Jan 25 2013: I think its a complex phenomena that every country is facing through and finding out ways to combat it.
    Right to Information Act should be implemented since i feel it will give right to fellow citizen to seek answer from the government on issues which are sneaky.It would provide citizen with a sense of confidence to be part of a democratic country with a sense of honor of being judgemental.
    Transparency will also help out to curb corruption though not fully but it will try to minimize at an effective rate.
    Measures can be plotted on paper,can be debated,can be implemented but it wont be fruitful unless government and every citizen abides to it.

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