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What would you do...if you couldn't fail in any activity?

if you were a kind of master in something not because your skills even because you just do that always well! what would you do?

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    Jan 25 2013: I do not know but I know that it would make my life colourless and boring
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      Jan 25 2013: i'm sorry for you that failure is your only entertainment
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      Jan 25 2013: Do you mean, Joshua, that you find the journey itself worthwhile rather than wanting to arrive somewhere quickly and without making an effort? That you like the challenge of doing the work rather than get handed something finished?
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        Jan 26 2013: Yes that is what I mean. Failure isn't my only entertainment I just believe that success doesn't really matter that much without the challenge.

        So as you said the "journey itself"
  • Jan 25 2013: All the screenplays I've written will be shot and marketed globally. I'll make the world hear my stories.
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    Jan 25 2013: Attempt to fail ... either way I succeed.

    I wish you well

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    Jan 26 2013: Wonder how failing would feel like and probably wish to ge to konw it ... :o)
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    Jan 25 2013: I would be a master of anything that I wanted to master IMMEDIATELY. I wouldn't have to prepare myself.
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    Jan 25 2013: .
    Stop all kinds of INVALID happiness to stop human self-extinction.
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    Jan 25 2013: I will stop doing that activity and engage in a new activity.
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    Jan 25 2013: If you couldn't fail in any activity? Wouldn't you set out to conquer death?

    Assuming you still would die, I'm not sure it would be that interesting if you already knew you couldn't fail. For instance, I'd like to write a book, but it would be more interesting if there was a chance it wouldn't sell.