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Why don't people believe in God?

if it were even the slightest possible chance that there is a hell and its a place of everlasting torment and hate wouldnt you want to make sure there isnt one by checking every possible source of information and proof that God does not exist or does?

And why do most people who ask themselves this question and go search for answers come back a christian?

yeah the whole idea can be denied with logical reasoning but you got to look at where this idea came from and how much we can trust this information. When you search for those facts they cant be denied and once you experience what God does in your life you will know its real. If you dont believe in it you should have proof andt the strongest possible evidence of everything that cant be denied.

I want to look at what you guys think and why you guys don't. Please dont attack other peoples ideas and thought and be open with every ounce of reasoning you can come up with.

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    Jul 7 2011: You express faith in science instead of faith in God.The "LAW of gravity" you mentioned proved to be THEORY in light of the THEORY of relativity. All "laws" of humans are the best imperfect humans can come up with using present information. There is an all-knowing God who is in control of the universe. Wish your scientific method were able to always find perfect truth? 50 years ago I believed absolutely in the science. Having bachelor & doctorate degrees in science, I trusted in them to live and to practice my profession. But actual results of adhering to science proved not applicable in all cases. Something beyond science was needed to understand why patients that by all "laws of science" should die, did not, and those who should not die, did. One thing unaccounted for by science was HOPE. In many cases hope in God sustained persons through scientifically impossible events. Whereas, some died simply because they lacked hope, and gave up. Example of the latter is the classic death by fright of a person bitten by a non-venomous snake which they believed to be poisonous. Hope is in the realm of "religion" as you say, the "spiritual" as I say. If you discount spiritual, you not best informed, You are living trusting in humankind's "laws." You will be disappointed. You will not be able to understand and explain life's events without spiritual understanding too. Yes, in the name of religion folks do some unjust things but science without faith in God is doing some horrible things, like developing weapons of mass destruction and the internet. Both do not harm unless humans intent on evil use them to do harm. Faith in God results in good, not evil, and can make secure the weapons & the internet through the actions of these good people. The ultimate hope of our world is God, not science. Now, I don't know many, many things, so my life is lived based upon the soundest theory I can find. Outcomes of my way of living prove the soundness of my choices.

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