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Why don't people believe in God?

if it were even the slightest possible chance that there is a hell and its a place of everlasting torment and hate wouldnt you want to make sure there isnt one by checking every possible source of information and proof that God does not exist or does?

And why do most people who ask themselves this question and go search for answers come back a christian?

yeah the whole idea can be denied with logical reasoning but you got to look at where this idea came from and how much we can trust this information. When you search for those facts they cant be denied and once you experience what God does in your life you will know its real. If you dont believe in it you should have proof andt the strongest possible evidence of everything that cant be denied.

I want to look at what you guys think and why you guys don't. Please dont attack other peoples ideas and thought and be open with every ounce of reasoning you can come up with.

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    Apr 4 2011: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_evidence
    The lack of "disproof" (there is no such thing) is not the proof that what you can not prove exists. (did i say it right?)

    Do you believe in M-theory for example? (you probably don't)
    • Apr 4 2011: I think that we as humans have this crazy desire to figure out what's out there. And for some, to figure out what isn't out there. I don't go to the lengths of conjuring up hypothetical elements to make sense of things (my elementary understanding of M-theory). But again, that's the argument against believers. That God was conjured up by humans. Science can't PROVE either, just as the absence of proof cannot prove either. Ultimately, it comes down to what Vincine and I agreed upon, the difference between us is faith.
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        Apr 4 2011: Science can't prove it you are right, however science has helped.

        You see the original cave drawings were of this magical being in the sky, our ancestors has no idea what is was and why it was replaced by something else at night. The sun and moon were the first gods.

        Than man was able to communicate better and began to be more and more farm-like as time went on, now their original god is still up there, but they need water to grow crops. Maybe if they prayed? Sacrificed? They would get water. Some people made many gods, some sacrificed to an all powerful one.

        Then literature came to be, stories about how the world was made and shaped, however the original stories lacked geographic knowings. Hell was to the far south the land of monster was to the far eat and so on. Even from these times before paper; stories of folds, the planet being set on fire, and even children born of virgins.

        Now, literature as evolved with man's lack of understanding of the universe. I think I made my point. With lack of understanding came impossible ideas. Today, no one would believe the son of God was being born without a lot of videos on youtube of him healing the sick, turning water in wine, or whatever.

        The fact the story of Jesus and God, came from the Bronze age and has no solid evidence today says all it has to for me, it is just a story. I mean the Hebrews/Jews were smart enough to write every thing they did down in history and it matches up with other histories! But even as far to how much of their prophecies came true I am going to bet only a few to none happened.

        Ben, the reason there are so many who believe today is not because of the evidence it is because of the crusades, armies conquering places who did not believe in God and Jesus. I would like to think if the Romans did not take control of Egypt we would have been better off as a world, they were hundreds of years ahead of the Romans, but the Romans had armies and God which beats thought and reason.
        • Apr 5 2011: Can you put yourself in the mind of our ancestors to make these assumptions? Isn't the human mind what makes all of this so illusive?
          I agree, the Romans screwed things up pretty bad. And unfortunately, history tends to repeat itself...
          I think that some humans, usually those in "leadership" roles, create their own version of God to get what they want. I see this a lot in history. People are self interested, right? I believe the True God to be separate from those distorted versions.
          Jesus changed a lot of things in the New Testament... Unfortunately, His way is not the easy way in the slightest. Try leading a nation under the notion of uncompromising love and compassion. Probably won't last very long...
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        Apr 5 2011: I can through the art they left behind. The human mind is the problem as well as the problem-solvers.

        The rest I agree with the rest, except the last part.

        "Try leading a nation under the notion of uncompromising love and compassion. Probably won't last very long..."

        Name an example of society ran under the ideals of love and compassion.
        • Apr 5 2011: Sorry, we were lost in translation because of the way I worded it...
          I meant to say, it has NOT happened because it isn't seen as "possible." Those in leadership roles seldom sacrifice their power... which is what this notion would require. I wasn't saying that it has been attempted and it has failed. It has never happened...
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        Apr 6 2011: Why do we need Jesus to preach the ideals of love and compassion?

        Why can't their be a party of people who genuinely care about people above all else, why do the notions of love and compassion have to be a separate topic from anything else that involves humans. From the perspective of nature, specifically human nature and law of species. It seems god isn't putting peoples best interest first he is putting his own agenda. Gos this, God that, Jesus this, Jesus that, just consider the possibility you are wrong, so what? I'm wrong all the time about my ideas so I make them better, not cover them up or get angry.

        Law of species is easy to comprehend. We are the human race we should work together to survive life not compete.

        Abrahamic Religions do not reflect the law of species nor human nature, fundamentalist contradict this, and people who separate the positively motivate ideologies (the golden rule) from how we should run politics are the biggest sinners (misdeed'ers) of all time. There separate, it's okay as a whole to do negative actions but not responsible as individuals. Religion without thought creates control. The control is not direct, it is sneaky, it is evil.

        When a politician stands up in front of a camera saying vote for me, while you have the knowledge of his faith and it impacts your decision. that is control. You didn't do research on him, you didn't do back ground checks read articles, watched videos on them, did you? You know what I didn't either. I'm no better, but I don't vote, because the control is already built in, that's how good it is/was, my birth right in this country is try to take back a government ran secretly on profit (power).

        The best supporter of this system is religion, because their separated. Now before you say look at the countries who don't separate look at their control, your right. Just wanted to let you think about that also. System (politics) + positive morals + logical analyst = good government'ing.
    • Apr 4 2011: I happen to agree with you Jimmy, the burden of proof does lie with whom needs to be convinced. One of my favorite cartoons is a four panle short in one a person says I have a ball, the other says prove it, the first shows him a ball, and the second says why yes you do. Then it show the same thing guy says I have a ball, second guy says prove, the first yells at the second " YOU CAN'T PROVE THAT I DON'T" well thats the problem. I don't have to show you proof. I'm an atheis and I don't feel the need to disprove god, I did that for a while and frankly, I got tired of it.My father is a minister and trust me he's done everything short of mind control to convince and it hasn't worked yet. Every convo I have with him starts out intelegent then goes down hill until it's the same answer over and over, well thats what the bible says and the bible is gods word. Well that's waht harry potter says and it's Rowling's word.
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      Apr 6 2011: If you mean "membranes", well I think that idea needs more "thinking" but it looks like a promising theory to me. I do think there are other universes and because I do believe in a "Higher Power" all I can say is how awesome !!!!

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