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Why don't people believe in God?

if it were even the slightest possible chance that there is a hell and its a place of everlasting torment and hate wouldnt you want to make sure there isnt one by checking every possible source of information and proof that God does not exist or does?

And why do most people who ask themselves this question and go search for answers come back a christian?

yeah the whole idea can be denied with logical reasoning but you got to look at where this idea came from and how much we can trust this information. When you search for those facts they cant be denied and once you experience what God does in your life you will know its real. If you dont believe in it you should have proof andt the strongest possible evidence of everything that cant be denied.

I want to look at what you guys think and why you guys don't. Please dont attack other peoples ideas and thought and be open with every ounce of reasoning you can come up with.

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    Mar 30 2011: I would like to take the title of your question and take away the not, it seems like just as reasonable a question as yours...
    "Why do people believe in god?"

    Edit: I did not see your question there Birdia, but since it is so good i will leave it!
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      Drew B

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      Mar 30 2011: simply, I already know why people believe in God. I would not ask a question, i know an answer on. thats a good wuestion for yourself though. I asked the opposite because i dont know why
    • Mar 30 2011: The question of why people believe in God is very complex. I know extremely intelligent, highly rational people who are absolutely convinced down to the lowest fiber of their being that God exists, he is the only true God, he is all-powerful, and bad things that happen are his way of testing mankind. I also know equally intelligent people who believe the whole concept of "God" is man-made and just a natural desire to find some higher authority to look up to, to worship, and to blame when things go wrong. What it particularly interesting is how people who are believers are CONVINCED of their correctness, whether they are Christian, fundamentalist Christian ("my grandpappy played with dinosaurs"), Muslim, or whatever. I wonder what the psychology is that makes people that sure about something nobody can either prove or disprove.
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        Mar 30 2011: What makes a person certain about God are personal experiences of God in their life [for one thing]. I can tell you about my experiences. They can not be proven wrong because no one else had my perspective on the events. It is my truth. I wish that everyone would seek God's input in their lives so they could have the certainty I have been blessed to have!
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          Mar 31 2011: Bill, "They can not be proven wrong because no one else had my perspective on the events." the thing about "proof" is that it is not up to people to prove things wrong but to prove them!

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