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Were you a victim of Cybercrime, if so tell your story here, and perhaps even comment on a potential solution to the problem.

I do not think that it can be denied that the large majority of Internet users are unaware of the potential risks of using the Internet. Java's global announcement about the discovery of a security flaw in their software is an example of this threat.
Of all the good things that the Internet brings, it's pervasiveness around the world also brings about a world problem. The Java security flaw is a world problem, yet how do you get this message out to the world with speed, ensuring that potential cyber hackers are stopped in their tracks.
Should the Java company be fined for their screw-up in their product? or what should be done to curb Cybercrime?

  • Jan 25 2013: I'm sure the bad guys understand it now. Enough stuff can get messed-up anyway Inagine what creative crooks can do.