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Who is your favorite individual or group musical performer? Favorite genre? Why?

My favorite genre is rock because it's fast and exciting. Currently my favorite group is Los Lobos, a Latin influence rock band from East Los Angeles (my favorite band changes frequently). I like their music cause it's fast and exciting but has a certain softness to it.


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    Feb 11 2013: Hope you enjoy the link to Nellie McKay:

    There are several TED presentations for her.

    She just has one of those voices......and although her songs are humorous in nature..... don't underestimate the message it is sending to the audience.
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      Feb 21 2013: Thanks, Mary, finally got to watch all three. Well, she is certainly entertaining. It'd be interesting to hear her give a talk about how she creates her songs and style.

      If you were to write and perform music what would you write about and how would you perform it?

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