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Who is your favorite individual or group musical performer? Favorite genre? Why?

My favorite genre is rock because it's fast and exciting. Currently my favorite group is Los Lobos, a Latin influence rock band from East Los Angeles (my favorite band changes frequently). I like their music cause it's fast and exciting but has a certain softness to it.


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      Feb 17 2013: Thanks, Haley. What is the nature of her sickness, and what does she say about it?

      Would you say you like your mother? Why or why not?

      I wonder if you, or you and your boyfriend, could take her to a concert, maybe that would be enjoyable for all of you. You could do it for a special occasion, like Christmas or her birthday, or just on an ordinary day for the pleasure of being together.
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          Feb 20 2013: When you say different sicknesses, do you mean like the cold and the flu?

          If that's really true that addiction rules her life, that is sad. What is your evidence that addiction rules her life? When or where has she lied to you? If you hardly know her, how do you say she has lied to you a lot, because if she has lied to you a lot, that means you've had some interaction with her, true or not true? In other words, to some degree you do know her? Or maybe if she lies a lot you don't feel like you know the real her?

          Does she ever express any positive ambitions or desires? What are they? Are they realistic?

          Haley, I hope all your memories aren't painful. One nice thing about taking Mom to a concert is there aren't too many opportunities to lie, it's pretty straightforward, you pick her up, take her to the concert, take her home. But there are cheap things you can do if you want to spend time with her. Even just taking a walk. Are you scared she would lie to you on a walk?

          I wonder if there's some way you could go to burning man without having a lot of money (not necessarily with your mom)? I think in some parts of the country there are groups of people who have been to burning man in the past and get together wherever they live, like in Kansas, just because they have burning man in common. Maybe you could find one of those groups, maybe by searching online, and ask if there is any cheap way to go to burning man. Tell them you don't have much money. My friend in Los Angeles went to burning man and now he gets together with other people in Los Angeles who went to it. Maybe there's some rich person in the Kansas group who went to it and who will sponsor you or partially sponsor you.

          I appreciate your talking with me. I usually think that in the end kids can get close to their parents because parents had enough love to bring the kid into the world, but I could be wrong about it.

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