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Who is your favorite individual or group musical performer? Favorite genre? Why?

My favorite genre is rock because it's fast and exciting. Currently my favorite group is Los Lobos, a Latin influence rock band from East Los Angeles (my favorite band changes frequently). I like their music cause it's fast and exciting but has a certain softness to it.


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    Jan 25 2013: This is a difficult one. I'm one of those who would be depressed without a day of music.
    For some strange reason I usually love UK pop, since the days of Spice Girls I've come to love UK bands and acts (Westlife (Irish), The Corrs (Irish?), Lemar, CraigDavid, Adele, Jessie Jay, Sade Adu, Sugababes, Leona Lewis, Seal, Atomic Kitten, Girl's Aloud, Coldplay, S Club 7, Blue,One Direction.......

    I love love songs; the British usually keep things clean and they sound as though they have more depth; the Americans tend to add all sorts of things that are in my opinion 'dirt'. But I love American acts like BoyzIImen, MaryMary, Brandon Heath, Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, Bridget Mendler, Selena Gomes; 'Sometimes' by Britney Spears is the only one of her song that II still play.

    I love reggae, the few decent ones; African acts: Jamali, FreshlyGround, Lagbaja, Gang of Instrumentals.

    As a Yoruba from Nigeria, Lagbaja touches me in a way most of the musicians dont...deep into the heart of 21st century Yoruba life, philosphy and rhythm. Wow; I love music, I play the piano and I can talk about music all day.
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      Jan 28 2013: Thank you, Feyisayo. Lots of good music there. Is there a pattern to it, most of it is light, but the Lagbaja is rocking.

      What do you mean by clean and dirty in music. What do you mean, the British sound like they have more depth?

      How does Lagbaja reflect your life, philosophy, and rhythm?

      Down below I sent Haley links to a couple of songs I like. Here is another, although it seems different from what you like. But let me know what you think.

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        Jan 30 2013: The song on your link does have a good sound. Lagbaja's lyrics reflects the life, philosophy and rhythmn on the Yorubas, not mine personally.
        I like songs with lyrics that maintain dignity, purity and positive values. The kind that I can play when kids are there without being uncomfortable.
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          Feb 3 2013: When I listened to Lagbaja, it seemed to me the lyrics were in a language other than English, Feyisayo. What specifically is he singing about, I'd appreciate it if you didn't just give a general answer, like he's singing about life, but what is he saying about life, and how is what he's saying specifically Yoruban?

          Oh, when you said clean and dirty, I thought you were talking about production values, sometimes I think music could be called clean when it's very simple and bright-sounding, or dirty when it maybe has a fuzzy or scratchy sound. You're talking about the moral values, which is different. Here you've really caught me, Feyisayo. Part of me totally agrees with you, but part of me says you can put on one kind of music when kids are in the room, and another kind when kids aren't in the room. I'm afraid I just can't decide.

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