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Who is your favorite individual or group musical performer? Favorite genre? Why?

My favorite genre is rock because it's fast and exciting. Currently my favorite group is Los Lobos, a Latin influence rock band from East Los Angeles (my favorite band changes frequently). I like their music cause it's fast and exciting but has a certain softness to it.


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    Jan 30 2013: Haha I like a perfect circle a lot. Tool is something I would listen to when I meditate, well a lot of the songs. Some of Maynard's lyrics seem angry in his earliest created songs.

    I was able to listen to this music with this song (Velvet Underground). I liked the beat I think that is why. With other songs sometimes my mind focus mostly on the singer. I usually am attracted to the drum beat when I just listen to the music and not focus on the singer.

    I definitely listen to happier sounding music when I am happy, and in the summer a lot when I am feeling laid back and relaxed.

    Some women have a grouchiness that can flare into anger, as well as men. Or perhaps I only listen to angry music during my menstrual cycle. :) Hahaha. I think my anger stems from unresolved issues from my childhood.

    I am studying at a university, but not of music. I just have a passion for music. I also have a passion for art and other subjects. I am studying to become an Elementary teacher or Social worker after I get my bachelors. Once I have received a bachelors I would love to continue my education and receive a masters in most likely Psychology, or maybe Family Studies.

    I am listening to the The Plimsouls song you sent me. It is a treat for your ears. :) I enjoy it

    Here are two interesting songs that are pretty different, if you would like

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buQtHResgog Yalla Habibi (This songs makes you want to dance like a bellydancer.)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ps9ENtfoHI John Butler Trio- Losing you (This song has the most romantic lyrics ever. If you want to woo someone, send this their way.)
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      Feb 2 2013: Thanks, Haley. A lot of great music. When you say meditation, you mean you sit down, put on some music, and think. Do you think about the music, or your life, or what?

      Interesting that your ears are sometimes drawn to the drums. Do you know why? I'm going to try that, focusing on the drums when I listen to music, just as a different way to listen.

      That's a good point, that men are angry too. Maybe women get more angry from moment to moment, but men must carry around anger too, because they commit a lot more crimes than women. Right now I believe there are 3 million guys in jail or prison in the U.S.

      What would be the connection between anger and a woman's menstrual cycle? Just physical pain?

      What are you angry about from your childhood? I remember you saying on another conversation, uh, didn't your grandmother raise you? That would be tough. Maybe you can turn it into a TED conversation, ask people if their childhoods were happy or not, and why. Ask them how they've resolved issues.

      You know, if you want to be a teacher or social worker, that's great. I've seen a couple of photos of you on TED, and you have a really cool image, good style. I wonder if you could do a job where you actually use your style, because after all even the drabbest person could be a teacher or social worker. For a job in the music industry, it would really help to look cool. You could be a performer, record producer, maybe run a nightclub or larger venue. Even as a music critic it would help to look cool, because even if they don't publish your picture, it still helps to look cool when you're interviewing rock stars, going to concerts, and so on. A job in the fashion industry might also be good for someone with good style.

      The John Butler is nice, quite intense. Who do you think loves more intensely in a relationship, men or women?

      I work my belly when I work out but not quite as strong as belly dancing. Wonder why women like belly dancing more?
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        Feb 2 2013: Usually whenever I meditate I do sit down, or even lay down. I think about life in general. Sometimes I think about my life. Sometimes I think about how we are all connected and I focus on that and feeling connected to the Earth. Sometimes I try not to think but to visualize something beautiful in my mind (which is funny because when you ask something to visualize beauty in their mind and tell you what it is, there are so many varied responses.) I usually visualize myself sitting on a tropical beach, at night surrounded by a crisp night sky where I can see much more stars than here, listening to the waves and the fire, I am always sitting by a night campfire.) Interesting to me, what do you think you would visualize?

        I don't know why I am drawn to the drums, but I do have a slight fascination with tribes. I watch a bit of documentaries on tribes, and love the tribal music that they play during ceremonies. The drum beats are quite strong in their music. It's great.

        I believe you're right on the anger topic , it is probably fairly equally spread between men and women, but I am not sure. The connection between anger and a woman's menstrual cylce would be raging hormones that cause drastic mood swings :) and sometimes cramping. Hehe.

        Anger in my childhood stems from various situations. I am fairly open about the topic and I get a little embarrassed about it when people give my pity. I understand though, that it is something some people can't help but feel a bit of pity. I was (and my two brothers, but not my half brothers) taken away from my mom when I was only 6, because of abuse from my step father and major neglect from both of them. I lived with my grandma (and boy was that a difficult transition) from then on. I had visitation with my father every summer in Georiga that my grandparents made sure that I had. When I was 8 years old I had a very bad summer visitation with my father and endured some sexual abuse from him. When I made it back to my grandparents......
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        Feb 2 2013: ...... home in Kansas I wanted to tell them, but waited months before I finally did. Then my brother's were told what happened and that was rough for me. I felt guilty that because I told my brother's were never going to see my dad again. I felt loads of guilt and embarrassment. Anyways, I haven't seen or spoken to my father since then. (Although he did send me a letter about a week ago, and he is waiting for my reply to it. I am thinking about if I should respond or not still.) I would love to hear responses from a Tedtalk on this subject, but I would also fear that people would believe that I am fishing for pity. I wouldn't want that, but it is nice to share my story and hear others'.

        Thanks for the compliment on my style. I don't feel nearly stylish as a lot of girls I see on campus! I often try to look nice, and often times I don't try at all. hahaha. I don't believe the cool lifestyle would really be for me. I just want to help people. That's all I want to do with my life. Hopefully I am able to help children in some way. I am sure you can understand why I want to ^^^. But I am flattered with the compliment!

        I couldn't tell you who loves more intensely. That is a great question. I think it may be equal, but a lot of men have difficulty showing their love in ways that a woman can understand that he loves her. But I am sure it's about equal.

        Belly dancing is sensual! haha Maybe that is why?
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          Feb 3 2013: Well, as far as meditation, I really don't, Haley. Basically when I lie down, I have enough to think about, projects, problems, people, the world, that I don't just relax my mind and think of nice scenes. And I like it this way, I'm glad to have stuff that I need to work on. Although I'm not saying meditation is just fun and games either. When I just let my mind go, probably it's to sexual thoughts, I guess a lot of guys are this way.

          I'm sorry you've had those troubles in your life. It certainly doesn't seem to me you're looking for pity when you tell your story. What was the nature of the neglect you suffered, and the abuse from your stepfather? Do you see your mother now? Is she still with your stepfather, and do you see him? Who would you say are the most positive relationships in your life?

          As far as your style goes, well, other girls may have better style in some ways, like business style, or high society style. I think you have Rockin' style, which is its own special. I still think of music with you, you do realize that making music helps people too? Helps them forget their problems or see them in a new light, helps them put their feelings into words, sometimes helps them meet their mate at a concert. How important is fun to you? Do you think you should have fun at your job? That you, Haley, deserve to have fun? Let's say you could help people just as much as a musician as being a teacher, but have more fun, would you be a musician? Do you think you could get on stage and be the lead singer of a band, or play an instrument? Or perhaps do a behind-the-scenes job, like producer? We're all different, but to me being a teacher or social worker might be a good job, but it just doesn't sound like much fun. If you changed your mind, obviously there are a lot of ways to get involved in music, for instance if you have friends in bands you could start hanging with them more.

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