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What would you do if you inherited fifty million dollars, from your fathers estate of one billion dollars?

I have a belief that inheriting a billion dollars doesn't encourage investment, while inheriting smaller amounts does so by way of a poll I am asking what you would do if you inherited 50,000,000$ of 1,000,000,000$ what would you do.

  • Jan 24 2013: I agree with Mike Trainor.
    Spend it.
    There are people who need food.....Right Now!
    They need water...............................Right Now!
    They need medical............................Right Now!
    They need clothing and housing.......Right Now!

    I would spend it all feeding them, clothing them, getting them medical aid, water and housing, immediately, and without any money going to agencies, governments or anyone that isn't in any kind of need, but just becomes a parasitic leech on the funds.

    Maybe, just maybe, others would see that and finally realize that that is what we all should be doing, Right Now!
    Nothing else is important.
    For those who believe in a God, they will be asked (I guess),why they didn't drop whatever it was they were doing and just focus on that.

    Just as there really is enough to go around, with everyone pitching in, at once, there is enough to go around and what goes around, comes back around.
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      Jan 25 2013: Random
      So you wont spend it on yourself rather spend it on people who most need it?
      very good thought.
      • Jan 25 2013: Immediately.
        To me it is insane to even consider, though I know people have good intentions and this isn't exactly the way it happens, but I imagine to someone starving to death or dying of thirst it might seem this way.
        What it is, is the idea, "Hey, I know you're starving but we're putting together a program and we'll have it working in five years. So, can you hold off eating until then? Can you just not eat until we get everything worked out and I promise you, you'll be eating in five years. Promise."

        People need things right this minute and anyone who makes a lot of money should be spending almost all of it to help anyone in such dire need.
        I can't imagine what it must like to be rich and either see all the deprivation going on around you, and continue driving on, shopping around or to somehow deny to yourself that there are such things, such people and such conditions.

        A poor man in Puerto Rico had someone sneak into his back yard and steal some of his bananas because he was hungry. He caught him and simply told him, next time, just come to the front door.

        Why don't the white people in America solve the problem of racism?
        They say they can't. Why not? They're white.
        Why don't rich people solve the problem of poverty, starvation, in poor countries?
        They say they can't. Why not? They're rich. They're Americans.

        Americans have something like four times the amount of food available to them than they actually use. Four times!

        And they can't share it? Why not? They've got it.
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    Jan 24 2013: Firstly I’d wonder why dear old dad gave me such cheap gifts last year!

    Considering 1% would be $500,000 I would invest and live off half the interest and reinvest the other half.
    And considering the US tax rates I likely leave the country.
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    Jan 23 2013: Think for a while. Consult my family and friends. Give some to charity. Consult a financial planner.
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    Jan 31 2013: .
    I would spend all the money for making people know what INVALID (ineffective, untrue, unreal) happiness is.
    Then, my offspring and their indispensable symbiots (humankind) can survive.

    (For INVALID happiness, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 14, at
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    Jan 26 2013: so basically everyone would either spend it or invest it? well if thats the case what economic benefit is there in encouraging the passing of large fortunes from one generation to the next , by large I mean more than 100,000,000 dollars, which seems in the usa to be a large percentage of the people who control the majority of our nations money. What are the numbers do you think on how many estates of more than 100,000,000$ are passed on each year?
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    Jan 25 2013: start a company,make investments,help the needy by providing them with proper care.
  • Jan 24 2013: What I want to do.
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    Jan 24 2013: G'day Russell

    What the heck would I do with fifty million dollars to start with? I don't wish to be high & mighty as I'm content the way things are in my life so why change contentment into high & mighty snobbery? No thank you but I think you are right with this assumption that the more one has the less one is going to invest.