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Can donor funding really fix African challenges, or should we empower African communities to address their own challenges?

Charity gives but does not really transform. For a very long time, donor assistance has been chanelled through to Africa and that really hasnt changed much. Could it be possible to birth a generation of people who are willing to be empowered with means of generating income that eventually get channeled back into communities for purposes of delivering renewal and transformation? How do we get communities to participate in the engineering of a promising future both for the continent and individual nations?


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    Feb 13 2013: i would like to appreciate our brothers for donor funding towards Africa which is a noble initiative however, after centuries we still have the same problems perpetuated in Africa. I would like to present a viewpoint or rather give pointers on where i think donors has failed because some have stopped funding programs in Africa one way or the other they became frustrated with the level at which transformation results were presented to them.I have two points that i think that's were donors failed .1.donors didn't do an understudy of where they were putting there money into, they didn't have a tangible picture of what they were funding,and they didn't even have and understanding of how African systems work. Note every system has a character and nommater what good intends and motives we have towards bringing a change and transformation it is the system that determines effectiveness of our resources remember the kind of system that we put our resources into determines their productivity so donors did put resources into systems that removes value on ideas for transformation and also donors did put resources into characterized systems and as soon as resources enters the systems there original character and intend is changed towards personal corruptible agendas. 2. some donors failed because they funded programs in Africa with strings attached which had wrong motives which than stirred up political and social uproars due to the historical records. The only room i will give for donor funding with chances of impacting Africa is when it is put into integral systems that are accountable, but i would say for Africa if we change the systems we have and build integral and productive systems that has trans generational projections we have changed Africa, look Africa is empowered already we have resources natural and human but the greatest African challenge is a catalyst in the idea of a working integral productive systems that puts value on people's gifts,education and ideas

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