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Can donor funding really fix African challenges, or should we empower African communities to address their own challenges?

Charity gives but does not really transform. For a very long time, donor assistance has been chanelled through to Africa and that really hasnt changed much. Could it be possible to birth a generation of people who are willing to be empowered with means of generating income that eventually get channeled back into communities for purposes of delivering renewal and transformation? How do we get communities to participate in the engineering of a promising future both for the continent and individual nations?


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    Feb 5 2013: the greatest need in Africa is not donor funding because it has failed which means there must be something that Africa needs more than donor funding and my viewpoint is:Africa lacks practicality in the idea that it can't transform theory into practice we have degreed people but still can't transform knowledge into productivity,strategic generational projection in the idea that the problem didn't start today but it's something that accumulated over time however Africa being one of the most resourced continent i think this is where African problems are emanating from 1.systems- Africa has no power over the systems that governs them, the African systems are alluded to colonialism remember he who puts systems in place has the power to control Africa drove away colonial masters from a physical perspective but the colonial masters never loosed their mind why are the donors not teaching Africa to produce their own money i will allude also the African perpetuating problems to donors because they are promoting dependency syndrome i think what Africa needs is a drive towards a Spirit of ownership,belief in their own people,resources and begin to structure systems that work internally Africa needs to deal with corruption,leadership problems,superstitions and cruelty over it's people.

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