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Can donor funding really fix African challenges, or should we empower African communities to address their own challenges?

Charity gives but does not really transform. For a very long time, donor assistance has been chanelled through to Africa and that really hasnt changed much. Could it be possible to birth a generation of people who are willing to be empowered with means of generating income that eventually get channeled back into communities for purposes of delivering renewal and transformation? How do we get communities to participate in the engineering of a promising future both for the continent and individual nations?


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    Feb 5 2013: The answer is no.
    That's not just my personal opinion, it's the reality - a reality in which I live.
    I'm from Guinea-Bissau and I know for a fact that although donations can have a very big impact and help solve many issues, they are not the solution mainly because they cause dependency.

    I recently discovered the work of Dr. Dambisa Moyo though interviews on several Youtube channels and I can't wait to read her book "Dead Aid". I make her words mine and I wonder how come African governments are not listening to her and other smart Africans that have been trying to shed the light on this issue for years. It saddens me that so many African leaders are educated but corrupted. Other who have real solutions are either killed or powerless.

    I deeply appreciate individual donations to global causes, but isn't it convenient to the Western governments to keep funding our dependence and underdevelopment, so they can keep exploring our resources?

    How do we get communities to transform the future? By educating them and providing a stable economy in which they can prosper. As Deekay Mgbekemdi said and I agree - it's a leadership issue. Once we have the right leaders, we'll follow the right path.
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      Feb 10 2013: Once you have the right leaders,your path is clear. Sorry to add a taint of despair...but the history of companies bribing and disposing of leaders who threaten to interfere in their easy money is huge...You may be able to produce this vaulable man,woman..but unless you teach them and all their companions how dangerous the hired rebels and offshoots of industry can be...your leader wont live to govern. Something that perplexes me is no one will teach children about such a fact,yet we expose them ,to concepts of death,murder,violence,nuclear disaster...we just refuse to name names...so there remains a smoke screen for all these evils to excel past the childrens hopeful helpful strenghts.why do we refuse to teach specifically the workings of deadly corruption remains a mystery to me

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