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Save on energy or save a magpie - which is better?

Yesterday, I was faced with a dilemma. I was working on my computer, and it was getting dark, but I had my curtains drawn back to use the last of the day light and save on energy by putting off turning on my 11W CFL table light. The window in my room faces out onto my balcony. Suddenly, a magpie I had been feeding for 2 years came to check out the latest loot. I had some water and food out. I always feel that the magpie is training me to give it food and go away - it always comes and croaks something when the food is not out, but always escapes when I come into view.

In order to let the magpie eat and drink, I would have to draw the curtains, not to scare it away, but then I would lose the sunlight and would have to turn on the table light. Faced with the dilemma of which is the greener thing to do, I decided to leave the curtains drawn back and not turn on the light, going by Spock's "the good of the many." What would you have done?


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    Feb 19 2011: May depend on what you were doing on your computer. If you were finishing an assignment from your boss to keep your job to keep you off the public dole, it's "Get over it, Magpie." If you were doing crossword puzzles you could as easily do with pencil and paper, perhaps the magpie should win your mental tussle.

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