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Are There a Lot of Job Opportunities in the Field of Physics?

I'm sixteen and have been finding the area of physics very interesting for about two years now. However, the more I ask my teachers and counselors, the more I'm told to stray away from the area of physics. They tell me that it just isn't worth it to go into the field and that there aren't many jobs directly relating to physics. I would appreciate it if anybody could tell me if this was true or just misinformation. Any response would be great!

  • Jan 24 2013: Real problems in the seventies. In retrospect I wonder if I should have gotten a degree in mathematics or statistics. The students are in B-school.
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    Jan 24 2013: From what I hear there are more jobs for people with doctorates. I have 2 siblings with masters in physics one who works in the field one who does not.
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    Jan 23 2013: It is difficult to assess what sort of job opportunities might exist when you finished your training. Regardless of this, physics is a degree and pursuit that relies greatly on analysis, and developing that capacity provides a great foundation for work in other fields. Training in physics requires math coursework as well, which tends to be valued background in many lines of work.

    Physicists who develop really strong skills at universities known to have demanding standards of attainment will likely have better opportunities to use their skills professionally than those with a more average level of attainment. Some areas of physics require an advanced degree to work in that field and are difficult to pursue at that level. For example, graduate schools in physics will admit, typically, no more than a couple of people who aspire to work in particle physics (the kind of stuff that goes on at the Large Hadron Collider).
    • Jan 23 2013: Knowing that helps me out a ton! Thanks!
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        Jan 23 2013: Do some searching too, though, on sites that focus on physics and on career stuff. You will get more reliable information there from knowledgable people.
        The only reason I know something about this is that one of my daughters is a physicist.
        • Jan 24 2013: I definitely will.