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Can one teach young people to be moral? Is morality something that must be taught in the home? Is it innate?

Currently I am working on a professional development platform focused on teaching college students ethics and morality. Young people seem to be incredibly disengaged from others, have little sense of what it means to be moral, gracious or ethical and don't care. How can we teach morality or is it something that is innate?

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    Jan 23 2013: Believe it or not my daughter actually was caught plagiarizing last year...an English prof's daughter? Pretty mortifying and the bigger issue was that most of the class did it
    • Jan 24 2013: Dear Ellen,
      I'm eves-dropping on this conversation at the moment, but this comment I just had to reply to.
      Thank you for helping me feel a little bit more normal about being a parent. It seems I am the only one who is happy to admit that doing homework is a conxtant shouting/ begging/ bribing struggle in our house. I seem surrounded by mothers whose children 'just know they need to do it'. Hmmm. If your daughter can be human too, there is hope for me.
      I'm sure she's brilliant, it's the damn cut and paste- too easy with the internet and computers. When I did my papers, it was hand writing.

      On topic, I think humans are essentially 'moral', but ethics will vary between cultures etc, including within jobs (think bankers vs doctors)

      I currently live in SE asia, and I think it's pretty unethical to push in front of my young children to get on a train, but not the little old ladies here. I was raised in a different culture.

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