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"Everyone's a winner" The importance of teaching the value of equality in the process of socialisation (the upbringing of children)

Egalitarianism is defined as the “belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs”.

I am a HSC student doing Society and Culture and as part of the course completing a Personal Interest Project, it would be really helpful if i could have as much feedback as possible with comments on the issue, ideas, direction, and opinions.

My investigation explores the socialisation of egalitarianism in Australia, and the social idea of the need to teach children the value of equality.
My hypothesis is that over time as Australian society has adjusted to the social change process of modernisation; societal values and norms have changed along with it. This change has had a direct impact on elements of socialisation, in particular within the family. I believe the family unit is the driving the promotion of the value of ‘egalitarianism’ within Australian society at present.
Over time I feel there has been less egalitarianism between genders and I would like to explore the concept of equality through gender. The changing attitudes and perspectives of equality surrounding gender have undergone many social changes in the last 60 years. I hope to determine the socialisation of different genders through the idea that each should have equal opportunity.
I believe that the synthesis of primary and secondary research methodologies, will produce data that will show that over time, the value of egalitarianism has become greatly accepted as a positive norm in the macro world. From this, I believe that elements of the macro world such as media and social movements have caused the encouragement of egalitarianism in the micro world. Peers, family, media, education and gender have shifted greatly over time to compliment the functioning of Australian society and thereby, have incorporated ‘egalitarianism’ in the socialisation process as a well-accepted norm.

Thank you for taking the time to read and please comment!


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  • Jan 23 2013: What if "everyone's born?"
    What are they entitled to?
    Equal rights to the resources of the world that are needed in order to live in peace, safety, harmony, with privacy, education, medical, housing, transportation, food, water, and so on, including the elimination of crime.
    That is the condition in which we begin life. Immediately in unequal terms that are exceedingly difficult to get out of if one is born unlucky.

    There is where all the inequality initially started, with money, leading to greed, crime, inequality, poverty, slavery, and eventually war and death - two lucrative, private businesses.

    You yourself, must benefit from this inequality in Australia every day, just like those in America and other wealthy countries, even to the continued detriment of the natives of your land, America, South America, Africa and other countries.

    My point I guess is this: You can't "teach it". It has to be made and those who are adults today have to begin the making of it which also means giving up a lot of the benefits they have if they really want to create and leave a better world.

    This world just cannot continue to have inequalities by default.

    We are not equal. We are not equal. We are not equal.
    But, we all should have equal rights to our fair share of what is needed to live, grow and so on.
    This can never be as long as we have the continued mismanagement of the worlds resources (what we all work for in order to purchase ( thus, inequality). There is enough for everyone, i.e. equality if we begin by the truth that they belong to all life on earth, and not one country, one corporation or a few individuals.

    As long as this persists, forget teaching something that they won't achieve because it won't be prudent, wise or healthy to seek if they want to survive.
    Why do we continue the story we are such a higher, more lofty and spiritual animal, and persist in the belief and action that we must live like wild animals to simply survive? No chance with that belief/system

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