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I wish for women pharmacists across India to be potential players in health care.

I would like encouraging suggestions for the women Pharmacist in India,how& where the commited women Pharmacist,can actively contribute to the health care serviced in India,both in the Hospitals,& Pharmaceutical Industries.
They study a lot ,but are not adequately recognized in India.I would be enlightened if we can arrange a Conversation analysis about clinicalPharmacy practice -its importance,and interactive sessions with the Physicians.
We wish to offer hands on training in different Pharmaceutical companies.
We have a women Pharmacist Forum,just inaguarated in Dec-2012.I would look forward for the development of this Forum,by keeping a lot of sessions on how to grow professionaly,and be the fronteirs of the Health care sector.

  • Jan 24 2013: This is not a debate session.if you have no positive suggestions,you may please withdraw.
    Thanks.I am in no way obligated to answer your questions.No time .Please pass on.
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    Jan 23 2013: May I know why the focus is only to Women Pharmacist ?
    • Jan 23 2013: Indian women in particular are sincere and commited to the job given.They are intelligent,but definitly lack, a great interest in how to be proactive and open up various channels of oppurtunities avaible in the field of pharmacy.They lack encouragement,counselling about how they could be sucessful pharmacist in a novel way.At present the existing system is to settle down as pure academecians ,concerned with a defenite set of syllabus.They are very much confined to the 4 four walls of the classs rooms.Very very few enter Industry.Most of them reconcile to the fate of joining Pharmacy course,give up career in the middle or retire as teachers.
      Not much active interest is evinced in the field of research.
      I feel Women are cut out for many many different assignments in Pharmacy Profession.They lag far far behind.
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        Jan 24 2013: I have no bias to any particular gender...
        How you concluded "Indian women in particular are sincere & comiited"?
        With whom you compared ? With indian man ? Women of other country ? Or any human being of the globe?