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Who is God?

One thing I've become aware of in these conversations is that TEDsters have many different opinions on who God is. Hopefully this conversation will become a collection of those viewpoints.

Please don't attack other people's ideas. If you want, ask questions for clarification. But be respectful.

And tell us, in your opinion - who is God?

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    Apr 21 2011: god is what you belive... its your subconsious mind..you cant find it if you search for it. but you can feel it if u deeply belive in it. our subconsious mind have immense potential, if we can be in subconsious state of mind for a few moments...it can change us from who we think we are to..who we really are.
    • Apr 21 2011: you mean anything we believe is God?
      what you make in your mind is your creature.
      God is your creator, not your creature.
      before you know God better to know yourself.
      who knew himself, Indeed knew his God.
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        Apr 21 2011: i meant god is what u belive it is.... it maybe jesus for someone.. maybe a statue for someone else. we hv got peoples even worshiping sun light...make no mistake... we are creating gods..our own gods that we belive in and maybe someone else not... my point was, what ever it may be..its inside us.
        • Apr 21 2011: so there is many Gods. it is impossible. they are not real God. they are created b mind of people or not true God.
          those Gods you say are not true God and they are created by humans and are deities, not God. God is alone and single and has no mother. if you make a God you are its God, not it is your God.
          if there were more than one God, sure their messengers would come to you and sure there was war between God and our universe was not so calm and working proper like watch.
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          May 15 2011: Ever heard the story of four blinds describing an elephants, each in their own terms different from each other based on part that they get their hand on or can experience.
          I am agnostic and cant claim any ground on existence of God. But as far as Concept of God is concerned, we all are just like those blinds describing same God in our own terms.
          Its widely held belief that Hindus have many Gods, but fact they believe is that there are many manifestations of the same One God expressed and experienced in different ways at different times.
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          May 17 2011: Pranoy and Vineet,
          I agree that God is what we believe it to be. We all may have different beliefs, describe what we believe, and practice rituals and dogmas differently. The energy source is the same for all of us.

          S.R. Ahmadi,
          You are correct..."they are created b mind of people". There is no "war between God and our universe". The wars we experience are caused by people who do not accept other people and their beliefs. Wars are caused by people who do not recognize the interconnectedness of the whole.
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          Jun 7 2011: Colleen, its nice to know that you agree with my comment; however I would have appreciated even more if you had anything more to add to it, or maybe had some argument against it.
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          Jun 7 2011: Hi Vineet,
          I certainly do not have any argument against what you wrote because as I said, I agree with you, and you stated it very well:>) I believe we are energy beings, and I do not use any particular label for myself other than that. I believe, as you said, that we see, hear and experience things differently at different times, and I respect people and their choice to believe in a God, as long as the belief and practice does not harm others.

          I DO NOT believe that god creates war in our universe, nor do I believe that if there is a god, he/she/it will send non-believers to an eternity of suffering in hell. That kind of belief seems threatening and frightening to me. I respect and appreciate those people who believe in a god, and use their beliefs and practices to benefit humankind.
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        Apr 21 2011: even quran is written by a human..so do u belive what described in quran by that human is not god...beacuse u just said..those gods maid by humans are not gods. mate, no one will even talk about god if there were no humans...its us who made that concept of god. because... some things we dont know or failed to explain in this physical world and we belived ourselfs that it might be the god doing that....
        • Apr 22 2011: Quran is not written by any human. even one word.
          Quran is all from God.
          can you prove Quran is from a human?
          Quran has no conflict to science. this is just a little evidence:

          if we can not explain some thing, not mean it not exist.
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        Apr 22 2011: also.. if we can not explain something...it doesnt mean that its the work of god.
        • Apr 22 2011: sure, we not say what we can not explain is work of God.
          now there is 1.5 Billion Muslim on earth and no one of them say there is more than one Quran.
          also there is many other proves for that today Quran is Original and not changed and is not written by Muhammad (peace on him).
          do you know Muhammad (peace on him) was unread until 40 years and even could not write his own name and his job was shepherd and trade. and was not messenger until 40 years.
          Immediately at age of 40 who is unread and even one day had not gone to any school say this amazing book of Quran.
          there is many evidence that Quran is not written by any human.
        • Apr 22 2011: Why does an all powerful being need a book? Why doesn't he just tell us if cares so much that we like him?If he can talk to Mohammed what stopping him from talking to everyone simultaneously? Mohammed duped you man.

          If it were written by an all powerful being you would suppose that maybe that being would apologize for his terrible mistake in the flaw of cell reproduction that is cancer. Instead he wants you to know that if someone is gay he will kill everyone in the town and you should be willing to kill your family members for him.
        • Apr 24 2011: Dear Deaven Morris,
          I appreciate you because you are not proud (assumptive ; assured ; bigheaded) and you "ask question". question cause me not leave TED.
          prophet Muhammad (peace on him) said:
          when someone asked you a question, he has a right on you and this right is removed from you in only 2 condition: reply complete and perfect or say I do not know.

          God not need a book
          we are human and we are in a exam (life of world) which is a part of our total life.
          human need book (like a cheat in a exam)
          human itself should find God by his wisdom.
          messengers are just a cheat in a exam and show help of God to human to find him. this is Love of God. God do not like any one go in Hell. people themselves go to Hell.
          please my post here about why God created human:

          please watch this movie:
          (I do not know Mis. lesley hazelton and this not mean I confirm all his thoughts, but I confirm this movie is most true)

          cancer is also an examination for human.
          God can give health body with no cancer in heaven, but for who succeed the exam.
          God apologize cancer by giving heaven
          I do not know the meaning of "gay" but wine (alcohol) is banned (sin) in Islam. who drink wine is not Muslim and God not accept his worship until 40 days. real Muslim never drink a drop of wine all over life.
          some things is banned in Islam and just Halal food is allowed to eat. for example meat of pork is banned in Islam and some other (but few, not all food)
          not all kind of fish is Halal not not all kind of bird is Halal they should have special signs in their body to be Halal to can be eat. there is many signs for Halal food in nature. for example birds having a extra finger at crus of leg are not Halal and are banned. they are most birds eating meat.
        • Apr 24 2011: also about cancer:
          when a human understand he do "not know" starts looking for who know and this is start of growth of human.
          cancer encourages human to start searching for "who know"

          if you know how to eat, how sleep, how to drink, how to wear, how to speak, how to walk and totally how to life, then you never get cancer.
        • May 5 2011: In reference to Pranor Sundars comment: also.. if we can not explain something...it doesnt mean that its the work of god...

          Exactly. Well said.
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        Apr 24 2011: what? ? your god apologize fr cancer by giving a perfect body in heaven?... man, i would rather like a perfect body on earth and go to hell or wotever.... and why your god discriminates between people who drink wine and eat pork with those who dont. see...if everything in this world is made by god, who u say made humans too, aint wine and pork not made by him? why he hate wine and pork which is a part of creation. i hav heard that not to hate anything in this world...even if its shit cos its gods creation....those rules are made by humans and they say its gods words.
        • Apr 24 2011: Dear pranoy sundar,
          not apologize. but a reward for being patient.
          God never patient anyone. God is assuming (swaggerer)
          "i would rather like a perfect body on earth " you have no choice and power for that. you are forced to have a life in earth as God wants and finally die. you have no power against God.
          "why your god discriminates..."
          this is examination or humans and each doing in world has a result. good deed, good result. evil deed, bad result.
          there is a poem about this:
          if you farm wheat, you harvest wheat and if you farm barley , you harvest barley
          God is just and rewards and punishes.
          wine and pork is made by God, but this is an exam for human.
          human is created by God too. all things is created by God. but God has no creator.
          God not hate wine. just wants human eat and drink all, but not drink wine. this is exam.
          God also gives pure wine in heaven to his friends. there is 3 kind of river in heaven: pure wine, milk, honey.
          why "not to hate anything in this world"? what is your proof?
          you mean you love who God hate him and then God love you?
          for example if some one kill Jesus (peace on him) and you love him? then God loves you?
          we hate wine because God satisfy us and this show we are servant of God and we are submitted to God. if God want us we hate water, we not drink a drop of water to we die.
          this is reason:
          we are not free because we can not escape death and our body is our person and world is prison of a believer. do you know what is secret of becoming free?
          "a good servant (slave ) has potency to be free"
          those rules are not made by humans. are made by God and has been signification to human by messengers of God. and human has no evasion (excuse ) against God by existing Koran:
          God will say you:
          I sent you my letter, why you did not read it?
          also bible is letter of God, but today bible is not original and valid.
        • Apr 24 2011: please watch this movie:
          (I do not know Mis. lesley hazelton and this not mean I confirm all his thoughts, but I confirm this movie is most true)
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        Apr 24 2011: brother, jesus do love the one who killed him. and what he prayed to his father while dying was to...please forgive them for what they are doing because they dont know what they are doing. yeah, my god says not to hate anyone or anything. no matter how bad it is... religions are to spread love and harmony among the peoples. not to create wars. if a god seperates bad from good ...women from men...gays from straights... its not god. what is the sens in your god saying...not to drink wine on earth, i will give it to you when u r in heaven.?..to examine us....? we dont need an examinor....we need a saviour. a saviour who saves us without exams....a saviour who accept the prayers from not only good peoples but also frm bad ones and give them a chance..to love everyone like a father.....no matter if the kid is gud or bad.
        • Apr 24 2011: oh wonderful!
          "please forgive them for what they are doing because they don't know what they are doing"
          this is exactly what Muhammad (peace on him) said about Muslims bothering him. and he was finally killed by poison.
          you are right, all are creatures of God.
          but is not there is difference between who do devil and "don't know what they are doing" and who do devil and " know what they are doing"?
          should not we hate Satan? (Satan is also creature of God), but we should not hate "denying God"?
          be sure believer humans never make war. war is made for them and they have no way but defend. who makes war is Satan (devil or denying God). God knowingly ; purposely ; wittingly wanted to world have war. this is will of God to real good human be known.
          we do not need or want examiner, but God wants this and God is not responsible for anyone. we have no option about this.
          I am in heaven until I obey God.
          what is savior?
          the only savior exist in world is obeying God. no other savior.
          "without exams" is impossible. this is Intend of God.
          can you do one of below?
          1- not eat food of God
          2- find a place God not see you
          3- go out of country of God
          4-when death angle come to extract your soul escape it.
          5-when guard of hell carried you to heaven escape it

          if yes, so you can choice to not have exam.
          but if no, so please try to succeed your exam.
          why say what you have not its power?
          accept of prayers has terms and God not accept any prayers from any one. accept the prayers has terms and first term is believing in God.
          many people (including Muslims) think they are praying, but their prayers is not accepted by God.
          yes "no matter if the kid is gud or bad" because kid has not wisdom. but an adult with complete wisdom matter.
          God send human to Hell and heaven because human has wisdom.
          because wisdom animals have no heaven or hell.
          wisdom is what God is prayed by it and heaven is achieved by it.
        • Apr 25 2011: Dear pranoy sundar,
          what I learned from you is pure Love.

          "the Heart is home of God, so do not settle home of God other than God"
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        Apr 27 2011: i am glad that i was able to teach u something.. if u learned what is love..then make it spread all arround..

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