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Who is God?

One thing I've become aware of in these conversations is that TEDsters have many different opinions on who God is. Hopefully this conversation will become a collection of those viewpoints.

Please don't attack other people's ideas. If you want, ask questions for clarification. But be respectful.

And tell us, in your opinion - who is God?

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    Apr 27 2011: It is easier maybe to tell what God is NOT...

    God is not an emotion - He is Emotion
    God is not an attitude - He is Love
    God is not a figment of my imagination - He is the Great I AM - Who was, and is, and Is to come
    God is not a diety - He is THE Diety - The Holy Father in Heaven that sent His Son to take the form of flesh so that He could make a bridge between Himself and mankind - and asked that Son to become a living Sacrifice for us.
    God is not hate - but He is a God of vengence - Obedience is expected
    God is not a Dictator - He gave us free will to do as we please (Though we have greatly abused that priviledge) - But because of this "Free Will Factor" - God also had to create consequences - He did exactly what we do in order to maintain law and order in our societies...It is the cost of disobedience. If this seems harsh...well, too bad. You see, if I want to go kill someone right now, then the law could sentence me to life in prison without parole. I could die in prison. If there is no God, and there is no afterlife...sheesh, then that sure seems harsh....right? Of course not. We are just glad to get those people off the street. But if God says "Obey Me or ELSE..." well, then people call Him a terrible awful diety...and they refuse to follow a God like that. Free Will....but that doesn't mean the consequences go away...whether we deny they are real or not. I don't have to believe I will get bitten if I jump in a pit of vipers...but that doesn't mean I am right.

    But mostly...what God is...even though it sounds strange after all the rest - GOD IS LOVE - He created us to see us blossom. He is the Father that wanted to see great things come from HIS children...and how do we repay Him? We spit on His blessings and throw Him out with the garbage. What a terrible shame we have become so ungrateful.
    • Apr 28 2011: Hello Dear Shawn Hart,
      thanks for your explain.
      I have some questions:
      Love is an attribute of God or God itself is God?
      better to say about God "he" or "it"?
      "He is THE Diety"
      what is your definition of deity?
      why God has son? God has any regeneration? or the meaning of father is creator?
      God is a human?
      the son and father are two or one?

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