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Who is God?

One thing I've become aware of in these conversations is that TEDsters have many different opinions on who God is. Hopefully this conversation will become a collection of those viewpoints.

Please don't attack other people's ideas. If you want, ask questions for clarification. But be respectful.

And tell us, in your opinion - who is God?

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    Mar 30 2011: Hi Tim

    Great question. "Who is God ?". Interesting that you don't ask "What is God ?". So by default you seem to assume a "person" somewhat like you & me.
    So the first thing is, has anyone ever claimed to be God with any authority ? Only one that I am aware of.
    There was one who was prophecied about hundreds of years before he appeared. He arrived on time at the correct geographical position. He walked on water, he created food, he turned water to wine, he healed the sick, he raised the dead. Finally, exactly as prophecied, he was brutally murdered, and after three days, he raised himself from the dead. He often claimed to be God & warned us of the implications.
    Now these are massive claims that need to be tested. However the evidence is all there to be tested. I think this is the sensible place to start in a serious way. I initially just shrugged it off as nonsense, and nearly missed the most important truth of all time. The very fact that there are so many pretenders for the title should alert us to the fact that the real deal exists.

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      Drew B

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      Mar 30 2011: 100% agree
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      Apr 1 2011: Hi Peter. Good to see you again.

      A question. You said " I initially just shrugged it off as nonsense...". What made you change your mind?
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        Apr 2 2011: Hi Tim

        How long have you got ?
        1985; 35yrs old. My wife was suffering badly from Asthma & was often close to death, one night she made a promise to God to check him out if she could live through the night. She did & got saved.

        I had always been searching, evolution, Von Daniken, you name it. I pompously assumed the church was a waste of time, & now was stuck with a Christian wife. No problem I thought, I'll just prove it wrong & get her back. When it dawned on me that there was the possibility of overcoming death I thought it safer to give the whole thing a fair crack of the whip. So i shelved my cynicism & kept as open a mind as possible. I reached the point where I couldn't find fault with the bible as it related to the world around me, history, archeology etc. Most of the 'problems' with the bible listed by Atheists do not hold up under scrutiny.
        I still couldn't be certain however. Jesus says that he stands & knocks at the door of our lives, & that if we ask him in he will come in. I took him at his word, & have never looked back. He has answered all my questions & guides me in my daily life. Result !!

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          Apr 5 2011: Peter: Thanks for sharing that. Although we often try to analyze everything rationally, our personal experience is really the foundation of our self. Your personal account highlights that fact.
    • Apr 20 2011: Dear Peter Law,
      you mean Jesus (peace on him) says he is God?
      so why he was praying and fasting? praying who?
      do you have access to original Bible of Jesus(peace on him)?
      which version of Bible you read?

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