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Who is God?

One thing I've become aware of in these conversations is that TEDsters have many different opinions on who God is. Hopefully this conversation will become a collection of those viewpoints.

Please don't attack other people's ideas. If you want, ask questions for clarification. But be respectful.

And tell us, in your opinion - who is God?

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    Mar 29 2011: God is a structure invented by humans to interpret natural events.
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      Mar 29 2011: LOL

      That has to be the BEST definition I've seen EVER.

      (Many variations and subsets of it, but never summed up like that; It actually fits perfectly even with polytheistic religions as well as with monotheistic religions, and what I'm sometimes referring to as "neo definitions" of God, which are some of the other ones we have here)
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        Mar 29 2011: New age religions tend to fit God into scientific theories and attempt to validate God by some consequence of the natural world.

        They point to things like consciousness and say there is evidence for God or they point to the "weirdness" of quantum physics. Sure that stuff exists and if you wanna replace the currently unexplainable phenomena with the word "God" then you haven't done much you have replaced one term with another. You haven't really proved the existence of a conscious being that pulls the strings of the universe.
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      Drew B

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      Mar 29 2011: Well lets put it this way.

      If it were even the slightest possible chance that there is a hell and its a place of everlasting torment and hate wouldnt you want to make sure there isnt one by checking every possible source of information and proof that God does not exist or does?

      And why who most people who ask themselves this question and go search for answers come back a christian?

      I can see 100% of where your coming from because yeah the whole idea can be denied with logical reasoning but you got to look at where this idea came from and how much we can trust this information. When you search for those facts they cant be denied and once you experience what God does in your life you will know its real. If you dont believe in it you should not have proof but the strongest possible evidence of everything that cant be denied.
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        Mar 29 2011: Drew: Was there a question you wanted to ask of Budimir in order to further your understanding of his beliefs?
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          Drew B

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          Mar 29 2011: yes exactly. Many people believe what he believes just because they have been convinced by a video or somebody else one time. Once they have seen something that makes "logical" sense to their brain, they throw out all the other possibilities and choose not to explore those other paths to make sure they chose the right one. I also kind of asked it in a rhetorical sense to and to bring up questions he could ask himself.
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          Drew B

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          Mar 30 2011: and yes as I right now I am thinking what he is thinking but I have studied a lot but I am not an expert and I am trying to further my knowledge to make sure I'm right
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        Mar 29 2011: @ Drew

        Don't make assumptions about me.

        I've been convinced by years of working with scientific literature and reading philosophy, and not by a video or by having a 2000 year old book reiterated to me a million times..

        I think it's pretty arrogant for anyone to claim that they know the "right" path. Are you saying that your knowledge by some magical circumstance is infallible compared to all other people, including the most brilliant scientists and inventors, just because you believe in God?
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          Drew B

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          Mar 30 2011: no im not. I understand how i mightve came across that way and i apologize but Peop;e who spreads God'sword dont do it because they think "I'm better than you." But they see how many things religion has done for them so they want other people to experience it. They want to see everyone happy that they are willing to give up time and humiliation to try and get you what we believe is the right path. Im not saying your path is stupid and arrogant and that your going to Hell but yes to my belief, I think you are wrong, but also I think I am wrong in some ways too. Because our minds cannot comprehend who or what God is. We will be judged based on what we know and I want as many people to go to heaven as possible. I think every Tedster has respect for other peoples ideas and I think I am responding to very intelligent people. The only thing i can say is if you are not going to believe in God make sure you have checked every possibility that there isnt one because if I was goign to suffer so badly in Hell i want to make sure there isnt one first. Ask yourself this too, Are you happy? My goal is to make people happy and thats by giving them the source of happiness, GOD.
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        Mar 30 2011: Ok so I understand maybe it wasn't your intention to come off that way. Maybe I came off sounding too antagonistic and misread your intention as well.

        In my opinion whether it is God or a scientific theory, all of it is man made structures. However science is more careful to fit observation, fact and measurement into theory so it can predict natural events and mathematically determine them with great precision. It also constantly generates new models to describe reality more accurately. So in my opinion that makes science very useful and because it is fact based reasoning I invest a lot of my trust in what science has to offer.

        Now does that mean that I am a unhappy or amoral person. I would say no to the former and yes to the latter. But my amoral life has nothing to do with my disbelief in a higher being. I know plenty of atheists who are very moral people and have rigid categorical values. You can choose to be moral no matter what you believe in. I choose to be amoral because I don't find specified conduct useful, but I do experience real human feelings, such as love, responsibility, care and compassion. It doesn't mean I don't act on these urges I just don't like following a formal conduct.
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          Drew B

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          Mar 30 2011: yes i do agree with that second paragraph all the way. I also agree with your first paragraph exactly too.

          You said, "science is more careful to fit observation, fact and measurement into theory so it can predict natural events and mathematically determine them with great precision. It also constantly generates new models to describe REALITY more accurately." I agree because thats exactly what science is! It describes REALITY more accurately. In our earth, there is time and we all die and someone has given us the answer to where we are going and how we get there and we, as Christians, choose to believe it because of the undeniable proof there is.
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        Mar 31 2011: Where is the proof though? Once again now we are going to the previous post where you have undeniable proof of something which is quite literally impossible both in science or religion.
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          Drew B

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          Mar 31 2011: read Lee Strobles book, The Case for Christ. start there and expand
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        Mar 31 2011: I don't believe a book will answer the question because there is no such thing as undeniable proof when it comes to fact. And if you are not reasoning in terms of fact then you a reasoning in terms of your imagination.
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      E G 10+

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      Mar 31 2011: Budimir , I don't understand something , you said that God is a structure, how come?
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          E G 10+

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          Mar 31 2011: oh Hello Birdia
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        Mar 31 2011: By "structure" I think he means "a complex system considered from the point of view of the whole rather than of any single part" (definition 3 in http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/structure), because all Gods are defined over something that is considered complex as a whole, and are in essence complex themselves from the viewpoint of their believers.

        First with polytheistic religions that put Gods as a structure around different natural events (sun, lightning, etc.).
        Then with monotheistic religions that put God as a structure around all natural events.
        And nowadays with... if you'll excuse the arbitrary non academic term definition... neotheistic religions... which put God as a structure around natural events that are currently unknown or under explored by science, like consciousness or "energy".

        That's why I just love this definition. I hadn't seen one that fits so perfectly with all definitions of God, at least from an atheists' point of view.
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          Mar 31 2011: Vasil described it very well. Here is a complimentary video.

          I am not a structuralist myself but I agree that structures emerge from the physical world and not from "above."
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          Apr 1 2011: Budimir: Thanks for posting the video on structuralism. It's a concept that I looked into before, but never saw described quite like this before. The shift of focus from the Ideal to the inherent structure as the foundation of concepts is an interesting one. I think it relates to the Steven Pinker quote from before:

          "Consciousness does not reside in an ethereal soul that uses the brain like a PDA; consciousness is the activity of the brain."
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          E G 10+

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          Apr 2 2011: yes it's very interesting the structuralism but I don't know momentaly enough to have an opinion about it.
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          Apr 4 2011: No problem, I;m glad you found the video interesting I was hoping to find another one which is a summary rather than a lecture but I guess this one did it's job.

          Many structuralist thinkers like Steven Pinker have adopted the view of causal reducibility of consciousness. Which is rapidly beginning to be backed up by a lot of research and modern brain scan technology.
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        Mar 31 2011: I think I might be a structualist... the whole thing makes total sense to me. I don't necessarily agree with all explanations presented, but the approach itself sounds like the best one science has going to tackle philosophical issues.
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          Apr 1 2011: Structuralism has some relevant points and if that's what makes the most sense to you then that's cool.

          There are many brilliant structuralism thinkers like Freud, Marx and so on,.

          I gravitate towards post structuralism and instrumentalism where philosophy of science is concerned.
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          Apr 4 2011: Although Soviet Russia was rising to the standard of a 1st world country under the communists, what occured there was not really communism. The government worked much like a big business monopoly.

          George Orwell's Animal Farm makes a brilliant comparison of Marxist socialism with Stalin's interpretation.
    • Apr 20 2011: if God is a structure invented by humans to interpret natural events, then who manage and control natural events? laws of physics? who enforce laws of physics?
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        Apr 20 2011: The laws of nature emerge from the properties of objects, I would even replace the word laws with properties of nature because it's more correct.
        • Apr 20 2011: all the nature has same properties. for example all nature has the property of gravity.
          when a property is common and general inside a boundary it is called law.
          changing name not solve the problem and problem still exist. even by different name.
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        Apr 20 2011: Yes but laws are a human invention constructed by theories while properties are self evident and tangible things at least in the physical sciences.
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    Apr 2 2011: If we are all made up of the same thing, matter, cells and so forth, is it possible that we all have a programme that says we should inherently have faith? If that is the case is it then possible that we all believe in the same entity but call it by different names.

    If a child looks up to the sky and points to the stars and, if we are all made up of the same matter that binds the Universe together then surely when that child reaches out, they touch that star and, if there is another child on the other side of the world who does the same thing then are we not linked by a common bond? If this is so then to me, we are all part of God. God is the combined result of the time and space we live in at this very moment. Ever present ever changing.

    Is it God?” asked the Student.

    The Teacher looked at the Student and after much deliberation spoke. “This cannot be solved with an intellectual conversation it must be discovered and internalised in order to fully understand, however this will I offer you. I hesitate to give it a name. If I say it is God then it becomes a thing and as with most things we want to possess it as our own. Therefore if this God we have created becomes my God and your God, then, by definition we become different having different Gods. It then becomes your God and my God and by nature as individuals we are weak and the ego then wants to be right. So, is my God better than your God? Is your God the only God? Is my God right and if that is so then your God must be wrong. And now we have become separated.

    Can it not be that this thing we speak of be a power, a presence and a strength? Can it not be that it simply is the thing that unites us as one throughout the Universe? After all it has been proven by science that all things as we understand them are made up of one force, Energy. The same Energy that covers the world with water and air. The same Energy that gives heat from the sun. When you raise up your hand to the sky are you not connected to the furthest star in the Universe by this bond we call Energy? Then if this is so, surely if a man or a woman or a child raises their hand to the heavens, are we not connected also. And if this is true are we then not all as one throughout the Universe? And as one can we not share the common thread, which binds together our souls, and from it, gain great power as one and not as so many different souls on separate journeys?
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      Apr 2 2011: Thank you!
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      Apr 4 2011: Thanks for sharing that Lee. Thought the comments about my God/your God the right God/wrong God were particularly enlightening.
    • Apr 20 2011: Dear Lee Wilkinson,
      yes we all have same aerogramme. for example when a baby birth know that should suck breast of his mother or all human need to pray some thing as God. but this not mean same entity.
      each human has separate entity. my entity is mine and yours is yours. I am I and you are you.
      each human has body and soul.
      body is material but soul is not material.
      God created all material and all universe. and when a fetus is 4 month God send from his soul into dead body of fetus and make alive.
      entity is for soul. not for body.
      at the same time we all are from God, and we are not part of God.
      God has no part.
      God is alone and single. and created all things by his power and can disappear all things at a moment but not do this.
      as all things belong to power of God we can say all things is from and for God. but this not mean God has part. God has no composition and no part. God is just one and single and alone.
      if some thing has part then it can not be God.
      we can not understand any thing. we can go to a place when there is at least a way.
      there is no way to we know essence of God.
      experiential sciense just can know material and God is not material.
      for know God we should use sciense but toghether with wisdom. only experiential science never can know God.
      but we can know God a little according to affects and creatures and properties of God while properties are not separate of essence of God. God is just one and single and alone.
      there is just one God. not my God or your God. maybe some one Imagine some thing in his mind and call it his God. but it is his creature of his mind, not his creator. God is creator of all things.
      Energy, Time, Place all are creatures of God.
      why you think our souls are bound together?
      our souls are from soul of God.
      we we sleep our soul leave our body and at morning soul back to body.
      sleep is brother of death.
      like we sleep we die and like we wake up we wake up for Judgement day.
    • Apr 20 2011: after death our body become soil and bone and disappear in earth.
      is it possible our body be collected again from soil? yes its possible. look at yourself creating in inside your mother. your mother eat food. all foods are from plants. and plants make foods by collecting particles of soil. so your body inside your mother was collected from soil. so it is not impossible to this collection repeat again.
      David asked God: how can I come near you? God said: make your night day and your day night. David said: how? God said: not eat at day and not sleep at night.
      dating time of God by his lovers is at dawn. people who sleep at dawn will not visit God.
      die before be dead. kill yourself by killing your wishes. just wish God.
      who make his heart empty of any love, God enter his heart. and he can see God by his eye of heart.
      love of food, love of sleep, love of wine, love of money, love of power and other enjoys and loves.
      when you leave these wordy loves, God enter your heart.
      God said:
      if you come one pace to me I come 100 pace to you.
      the best way to know what is God is to visit him.
  • Jun 6 2011: That God is a human concept is undeniable. Everything we can talk about is a human concept, including physics and whatever other science you want to discuss.

    What seems to be common about the God concept is that it fills a very specific role: It's that which stands for the singularities about existence. For example, it is impossible for anyone in the universe to have a plan for the universe. Thus God is/has the plan. It is impossible for anyone in the universe to know everything about the universe. But God knows everything. It is impossible to have all power or to be everywhere, so that's just what God has and does.

    So, God is just what we (or anything in existence) cannot be. God is thus fundamentally unknowable. And yet because the definition or derivation of God as "the singularity" is so commonly conceived by most any human mind, God is very commonly recognized and "believed in" and we find it easy to reference God commonly. "There must be a God" most would say, and they are both right and wrong. It's correct that there must be this common concept of God because it is a naturally emergent construct of the human mind doing what it does well. But on the other hand, God can have no "real" existence because God's definition is in effect "that which cannot exist in reality as we know it". Yet, one can just as well say from the same singularity derivation, "God encompasses ALL of existence". God's "nonexistence in reality" and "existence as the entirety" are both correct!

    Believers typically focus on God's nature as the entirety and then anthropomorphize the concept to ease discussing God's expression, i.e. the revelation of the universe to humanity. OK, fine, but this "humanizing" of God is one place where Godness gets on a messy and slippery slope toward confusion. Then of course when God's "will" enters the fray, you're in the realm of pure politics, so watch out!
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      Jun 6 2011: So Guy. Do you think the concept of God has any utility for modern (and future) humanity? Or is it something we should get beyond, like mythology?
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        Jun 6 2011: Although most of the semantic arguments I have been involved have been over the usage of "God" and no question I would enjoy abolishing that word from existence... deity is much better..

        Great response Guy
      • Jun 7 2011: the concept of God as you put it Tim, i can't say if we should or shouldn't get beyond, 'cause actually it's a concept (nothing more) that keeps some people sane. but the utility of 'a concept' to some of us does not substantiate a real existence of it out of the minds of the people who has utilized the concept.
        so what i say is that it is something that we WILL get beyond, slowly, gradually and eventually.
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    Apr 21 2011: god is what you belive... its your subconsious mind..you cant find it if you search for it. but you can feel it if u deeply belive in it. our subconsious mind have immense potential, if we can be in subconsious state of mind for a few moments...it can change us from who we think we are to..who we really are.
    • Apr 21 2011: you mean anything we believe is God?
      what you make in your mind is your creature.
      God is your creator, not your creature.
      before you know God better to know yourself.
      who knew himself, Indeed knew his God.
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        Apr 21 2011: i meant god is what u belive it is.... it maybe jesus for someone.. maybe a statue for someone else. we hv got peoples even worshiping sun light...make no mistake... we are creating gods..our own gods that we belive in and maybe someone else not... my point was, what ever it may be..its inside us.
        • Apr 21 2011: so there is many Gods. it is impossible. they are not real God. they are created b mind of people or not true God.
          those Gods you say are not true God and they are created by humans and are deities, not God. God is alone and single and has no mother. if you make a God you are its God, not it is your God.
          if there were more than one God, sure their messengers would come to you and sure there was war between God and our universe was not so calm and working proper like watch.
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          May 15 2011: Ever heard the story of four blinds describing an elephants, each in their own terms different from each other based on part that they get their hand on or can experience.
          I am agnostic and cant claim any ground on existence of God. But as far as Concept of God is concerned, we all are just like those blinds describing same God in our own terms.
          Its widely held belief that Hindus have many Gods, but fact they believe is that there are many manifestations of the same One God expressed and experienced in different ways at different times.
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          May 17 2011: Pranoy and Vineet,
          I agree that God is what we believe it to be. We all may have different beliefs, describe what we believe, and practice rituals and dogmas differently. The energy source is the same for all of us.

          S.R. Ahmadi,
          You are correct..."they are created b mind of people". There is no "war between God and our universe". The wars we experience are caused by people who do not accept other people and their beliefs. Wars are caused by people who do not recognize the interconnectedness of the whole.
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          Jun 7 2011: Colleen, its nice to know that you agree with my comment; however I would have appreciated even more if you had anything more to add to it, or maybe had some argument against it.
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          Jun 7 2011: Hi Vineet,
          I certainly do not have any argument against what you wrote because as I said, I agree with you, and you stated it very well:>) I believe we are energy beings, and I do not use any particular label for myself other than that. I believe, as you said, that we see, hear and experience things differently at different times, and I respect people and their choice to believe in a God, as long as the belief and practice does not harm others.

          I DO NOT believe that god creates war in our universe, nor do I believe that if there is a god, he/she/it will send non-believers to an eternity of suffering in hell. That kind of belief seems threatening and frightening to me. I respect and appreciate those people who believe in a god, and use their beliefs and practices to benefit humankind.
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        Apr 21 2011: even quran is written by a human..so do u belive what described in quran by that human is not god...beacuse u just said..those gods maid by humans are not gods. mate, no one will even talk about god if there were no humans...its us who made that concept of god. because... some things we dont know or failed to explain in this physical world and we belived ourselfs that it might be the god doing that....
        • Apr 22 2011: Quran is not written by any human. even one word.
          Quran is all from God.
          can you prove Quran is from a human?
          Quran has no conflict to science. this is just a little evidence:

          if we can not explain some thing, not mean it not exist.
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        Apr 22 2011: also.. if we can not explain something...it doesnt mean that its the work of god.
        • Apr 22 2011: sure, we not say what we can not explain is work of God.
          now there is 1.5 Billion Muslim on earth and no one of them say there is more than one Quran.
          also there is many other proves for that today Quran is Original and not changed and is not written by Muhammad (peace on him).
          do you know Muhammad (peace on him) was unread until 40 years and even could not write his own name and his job was shepherd and trade. and was not messenger until 40 years.
          Immediately at age of 40 who is unread and even one day had not gone to any school say this amazing book of Quran.
          there is many evidence that Quran is not written by any human.
        • Apr 22 2011: Why does an all powerful being need a book? Why doesn't he just tell us if cares so much that we like him?If he can talk to Mohammed what stopping him from talking to everyone simultaneously? Mohammed duped you man.

          If it were written by an all powerful being you would suppose that maybe that being would apologize for his terrible mistake in the flaw of cell reproduction that is cancer. Instead he wants you to know that if someone is gay he will kill everyone in the town and you should be willing to kill your family members for him.
        • Apr 24 2011: Dear Deaven Morris,
          I appreciate you because you are not proud (assumptive ; assured ; bigheaded) and you "ask question". question cause me not leave TED.
          prophet Muhammad (peace on him) said:
          when someone asked you a question, he has a right on you and this right is removed from you in only 2 condition: reply complete and perfect or say I do not know.

          God not need a book
          we are human and we are in a exam (life of world) which is a part of our total life.
          human need book (like a cheat in a exam)
          human itself should find God by his wisdom.
          messengers are just a cheat in a exam and show help of God to human to find him. this is Love of God. God do not like any one go in Hell. people themselves go to Hell.
          please my post here about why God created human:

          please watch this movie:
          (I do not know Mis. lesley hazelton and this not mean I confirm all his thoughts, but I confirm this movie is most true)

          cancer is also an examination for human.
          God can give health body with no cancer in heaven, but for who succeed the exam.
          God apologize cancer by giving heaven
          I do not know the meaning of "gay" but wine (alcohol) is banned (sin) in Islam. who drink wine is not Muslim and God not accept his worship until 40 days. real Muslim never drink a drop of wine all over life.
          some things is banned in Islam and just Halal food is allowed to eat. for example meat of pork is banned in Islam and some other (but few, not all food)
          not all kind of fish is Halal not not all kind of bird is Halal they should have special signs in their body to be Halal to can be eat. there is many signs for Halal food in nature. for example birds having a extra finger at crus of leg are not Halal and are banned. they are most birds eating meat.
        • Apr 24 2011: also about cancer:
          when a human understand he do "not know" starts looking for who know and this is start of growth of human.
          cancer encourages human to start searching for "who know"

          if you know how to eat, how sleep, how to drink, how to wear, how to speak, how to walk and totally how to life, then you never get cancer.
        • May 5 2011: In reference to Pranor Sundars comment: also.. if we can not explain something...it doesnt mean that its the work of god...

          Exactly. Well said.
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        Apr 24 2011: what? ? your god apologize fr cancer by giving a perfect body in heaven?... man, i would rather like a perfect body on earth and go to hell or wotever.... and why your god discriminates between people who drink wine and eat pork with those who dont. see...if everything in this world is made by god, who u say made humans too, aint wine and pork not made by him? why he hate wine and pork which is a part of creation. i hav heard that not to hate anything in this world...even if its shit cos its gods creation....those rules are made by humans and they say its gods words.
        • Apr 24 2011: Dear pranoy sundar,
          not apologize. but a reward for being patient.
          God never patient anyone. God is assuming (swaggerer)
          "i would rather like a perfect body on earth " you have no choice and power for that. you are forced to have a life in earth as God wants and finally die. you have no power against God.
          "why your god discriminates..."
          this is examination or humans and each doing in world has a result. good deed, good result. evil deed, bad result.
          there is a poem about this:
          if you farm wheat, you harvest wheat and if you farm barley , you harvest barley
          God is just and rewards and punishes.
          wine and pork is made by God, but this is an exam for human.
          human is created by God too. all things is created by God. but God has no creator.
          God not hate wine. just wants human eat and drink all, but not drink wine. this is exam.
          God also gives pure wine in heaven to his friends. there is 3 kind of river in heaven: pure wine, milk, honey.
          why "not to hate anything in this world"? what is your proof?
          you mean you love who God hate him and then God love you?
          for example if some one kill Jesus (peace on him) and you love him? then God loves you?
          we hate wine because God satisfy us and this show we are servant of God and we are submitted to God. if God want us we hate water, we not drink a drop of water to we die.
          this is reason:
          we are not free because we can not escape death and our body is our person and world is prison of a believer. do you know what is secret of becoming free?
          "a good servant (slave ) has potency to be free"
          those rules are not made by humans. are made by God and has been signification to human by messengers of God. and human has no evasion (excuse ) against God by existing Koran:
          God will say you:
          I sent you my letter, why you did not read it?
          also bible is letter of God, but today bible is not original and valid.
        • Apr 24 2011: please watch this movie:
          (I do not know Mis. lesley hazelton and this not mean I confirm all his thoughts, but I confirm this movie is most true)
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        Apr 24 2011: brother, jesus do love the one who killed him. and what he prayed to his father while dying was to...please forgive them for what they are doing because they dont know what they are doing. yeah, my god says not to hate anyone or anything. no matter how bad it is... religions are to spread love and harmony among the peoples. not to create wars. if a god seperates bad from good ...women from men...gays from straights... its not god. what is the sens in your god saying...not to drink wine on earth, i will give it to you when u r in heaven.?..to examine us....? we dont need an examinor....we need a saviour. a saviour who saves us without exams....a saviour who accept the prayers from not only good peoples but also frm bad ones and give them a chance..to love everyone like a father.....no matter if the kid is gud or bad.
        • Apr 24 2011: oh wonderful!
          "please forgive them for what they are doing because they don't know what they are doing"
          this is exactly what Muhammad (peace on him) said about Muslims bothering him. and he was finally killed by poison.
          you are right, all are creatures of God.
          but is not there is difference between who do devil and "don't know what they are doing" and who do devil and " know what they are doing"?
          should not we hate Satan? (Satan is also creature of God), but we should not hate "denying God"?
          be sure believer humans never make war. war is made for them and they have no way but defend. who makes war is Satan (devil or denying God). God knowingly ; purposely ; wittingly wanted to world have war. this is will of God to real good human be known.
          we do not need or want examiner, but God wants this and God is not responsible for anyone. we have no option about this.
          I am in heaven until I obey God.
          what is savior?
          the only savior exist in world is obeying God. no other savior.
          "without exams" is impossible. this is Intend of God.
          can you do one of below?
          1- not eat food of God
          2- find a place God not see you
          3- go out of country of God
          4-when death angle come to extract your soul escape it.
          5-when guard of hell carried you to heaven escape it

          if yes, so you can choice to not have exam.
          but if no, so please try to succeed your exam.
          why say what you have not its power?
          accept of prayers has terms and God not accept any prayers from any one. accept the prayers has terms and first term is believing in God.
          many people (including Muslims) think they are praying, but their prayers is not accepted by God.
          yes "no matter if the kid is gud or bad" because kid has not wisdom. but an adult with complete wisdom matter.
          God send human to Hell and heaven because human has wisdom.
          because wisdom animals have no heaven or hell.
          wisdom is what God is prayed by it and heaven is achieved by it.
        • Apr 25 2011: Dear pranoy sundar,
          what I learned from you is pure Love.

          "the Heart is home of God, so do not settle home of God other than God"
      • thumb
        Apr 27 2011: i am glad that i was able to teach u something.. if u learned what is love..then make it spread all arround..
  • Comment deleted

    • Apr 27 2011: Richard, curious to know if you think you have a monopoly on reality? The possibility of God existing is terribly sobering and to make light of it tells me that you are 100% sure that God doesn't exist (at least in the sense of a force to be reckoned with) or you're in silly mood :)
      • thumb
        May 26 2011: To me, it seems more like he's 100% sure that the God of Abraham doesn't exist. The whole statement doesn't really talk about "God" in general, to which even atheists are "agnostic" towards i.e. they can never say "no" with great confidence... but they can still treat it as an unproven statement, hence, disregard it as you do about any myth or hypothetical creature.
      • thumb
        May 27 2011: Or maybe he is pretty sure that if God exists, God knows how to enjoy human humor. When you look at a child being silly, how do you feel?
      • thumb
        Jun 2 2011: What's funny about this?
        He has faith, and that's all he needs, right?

        Augustus Gloop is not bound by the laws of our universe.
        Also, he once impregnated a women by just looking at her, and this yielded a man-god who could walk on water.
  • Apr 1 2011: The more we understand about the universe, its origin, the life and death of tiniest particles to galaxies, stars, and planets, and how life started, the closer we get to God. It is like a journey back to the tree of knowledge in the garden of eden. We are not there yet but we are getting closer every decade.
    • Apr 2 2011: Agree, I cherish this hope too.
    • thumb
      Apr 5 2011: Thanks for your comment Trung Le. That "tree of knowledge" metaphor always fascinated me. Can you elaborate on your interpretation of that story?
  • Mar 30 2011: I think humans need to believe in something, believers believe that God does exist, aitheists believe that he doesn't . In any case, it is realm of faith. No evidence of existence, but absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. For me God simply is, without corporate religious identity, definition or image."Naming is trecherous" for it is act of devision. there is not merely a division of the world into mind and matter,but as an implication" mind is somehow against matter, body against soul, nation against nation, faith against faith " Believers start to sing and forget about the song, aitheists sometimes aggressive as religious fanatics. It's time to stop all these. God is your way, your path, your choice.You need it- you have it, you don't - God bless you!
    • Comment deleted

      • Mar 31 2011: I don't think we have anything to argue about, Birdia, I am not preaching, I am not converted myself, but I am not atheist either I"don't know enough " i need the idea of God, becase the world is so beautiful, and I don't find reason for this exuberance, I don't know what was before singularity, hence there is nothing before or since, and list is quite long , why I need a prior reason. Maybe I feel more comfortable with it, but it's me " truth is relative to the mindset you bring to it." As for the messages you receive, I agree with you, they are really distasteful, i don't receive them, maybe God loves you more:) It reminds me the innocent blasphemy that highlites the sense- Karl Marx once said that he was not a marxist, with all probability Jesus Christ might say that he was not a christian. And talking about aggressive atheists, maybe you don't know them, I do, I was born in Sovet Russia, now they are highly "religious" with golden chains and huge crosses, but believe me it has nothing in common with the prior reason I am searching for.
        • thumb
          Mar 31 2011: Hi Natasha

          I guess Jesus was not a Christian because He is the God Christians follow.

          You are on the right track Natasha, look for reality & don't settle for religion with it's chains & crosses. Find the exciting God who made such a beautiful universe. Ask Him to show you the truth.

          Hi Birdia

          Sorry you're getting spammed. No doubt these folks are well intentioned, but your privacy should be respected.

        • thumb
          Apr 1 2011: In my opinion Jesus was a true socialist and that''s why I highly respect what he stood for despite the fact that I am not a Christian.

          His ideas were revolutionary for the time.
        • thumb
          Apr 1 2011: Hahaha, that's ridiculous, can't believe they are doing that. They should throw in some Christian erotica in there, nuns and webcams.

          Anyway I get spammed even worse by "natural enhancement pills and exercises." It's quite embarrassing to open my e-mail in public so consider yourself lucky.
        • thumb
          Apr 1 2011: What about a Justin Bieber fan page for Catholics? It's borderline approriate and it would probably make a killing.

          Haha, I'm kidding. But yeah Christianity is more or less a business these days so I am not surprised.
        • thumb
          Apr 1 2011: To quote Homer Simpson "D'oh!"
      • Apr 1 2011: Hi, Peter, thank you for your encouragement! Re Karl Marx, I think he was a bit disturbed by the interpretation of his theory,he was lucky to die before he could see the real feedback. Think about Jesus and his beautiful teaching....No judgement!... /though it looks like judgment :)
    • thumb
      Apr 3 2011: Thank you Natasha! " absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence "
      • thumb
        Apr 3 2011: Of course there is no proof that god does not exist, ask any scientist!
        Do not take the "not the evidence of absence" as proof though...
  • thumb
    Jun 23 2011: For me God is the totality of all that exists.

    God is not male, not female, not neuter. God does not have a personality.

    It does not reward good nor punish evil, because at Its level, good and evil have no meaning.

    It is neither intelligent nor stupid, because It has no use for those qualities.

    It may or may not be "conscious" about the universe. It just exists.

    It wants nothing, It gives nothing.

    It is everywhere, because there is no 'thing' other than It.

    It is nowhere, because there is no special location where It should be found.

    I do not worship God, but I appreciate God, I admire God, because by doing so, I am admiring all this existence, all creatures, all planets, galaxies, humans, animals, birds, art, crime, justice, music, insects, viruses, bacteria, and myself. In effect, everything is God. I am God.

    There is no bliss in God, neither is there pain. Because for God pleasure and pain have no meaning.

    This is my God.
    • Jun 24 2011: "because at Its level, good and evil have no meaning."
      you mean God does not understand what have created?

      "It is neither intelligent "
      who is not intelligent how can create an intelligent human?

      "It wants nothing,'
      why created us and why sent prophets?

      " It gives nothing."
      who give you life?

      "there is no 'thing' other than It."
      what are you? you are God?

      please do not say about God what you do not know.
      you have promise?

      this God is created by you so it is a deity. not true God.
      true God itself can talk and can decide and not need to you decide about what he do or not do.
      • thumb
        Jun 24 2011: "you mean God does not understand what have created?"
        I don't understand what you mean, but If God created everything, then It created "the good, the bad and the ugly" :) So the good is from God, the bad is also from God. If you say there is "somebody else" who created bad, then your God is not all-powerful. What this implies is that good and bad are relative, made by humans for self-preservation.

        "who is not intelligent how can create an intelligent human?"
        Why should you assume that in the entire, infinite universe humans are "intelligent"? Without knowing what other activities are going on in the universe, how can you assume that our mode of thinking, speech and science is "intelligent"? That's because "we" are here. We are incapable of conceiving of anything outside of our sphere.

        "why created us and why sent prophets?"
        Who told you that God created us? If your God is all-powerful, there is nothing that "he" desires, because he has everything, he wants nothing. Why would he waste his "time" doing something that will not help him in any way? The only explanation of "Why we are here?" that I'm willing to accept is that it is the recreation or play for the "God thing". Other than that there is no meaning of life. What prophets? Who prophets? Oh you mean the human beings who wanted to be the center of attention of everybody else?

        "what are you? you are God?"
        If God is the only substance in the universe, I must be made up of "God particles". So I am God.
        • Jun 26 2011: yes God created both good and bad. then?
          good and bad are selected by human by free will. not created. if you mean decision and Intend is creation then OK human is creator or good and bad. but all the power and mind and decision and all human has is from God. everything human creates is created by God at the same time. it is like a knife in your hand. you cut or knife cuts?
          human is like a knife in hand of God.
          but human has free will.
          God created good and bad to human can know attributes of God.

          "Why should you assume that in the entire, infinite universe humans are "intelligent"? "
          anyway the knowledge and intelligence of a creator is more than its creature.

          "Who told you that God created us?"
          Koran and prophet. if not who created us and everything even atoms?

          "If your God is all-powerful, there is nothing that "he" desires, because he has everything, he wants nothing. "
          he wants somethings. but not for need. because he Intended to we know God.
          God can only be known by his attributes. so created good and bad and human and wisdom and free will to God be known by human.
          does a teacher need to homework?

          "he wants nothing."
          he wants to we obey him. but not because he needs anything.
          why you think the only reason of wanting is need?

          "What prophets? Who prophets? "
          for example Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (peace upon them).

          "Oh you mean the human beings who wanted to be the center of attention of everybody else?"
          attention by price of being killed and cursed by people?
          no their goal was not attention.

          "If God is the only substance in the universe, I must be made up of "God particles". So I am God."
          you are made of material. and material is created by God.
          if you are God can you create only one atom from nothing?
        • thumb
          Jul 9 2011: God create light but if we lose or killing the light we will make the dark.
          God create the warm but if we lose or killing the warm we will make cold.
          God create the goodness but if we lose goodness we will make bad.
          there ar'nt my word .they addapted from the Albert Einstein with his teacher.
      • thumb
        Jun 30 2011: "anyway the knowledge and intelligence of a creator is more than its creature"

        " if not who created us and everything even atoms?"

        "if you are God can you create only one atom from nothing?"

        My friend, why would you assume that a God created all this. It is possible that all this was present since eternity. If your God created this universe, then what was he doing before that? If your God is defined by the act of creation, then he was not God before that.

        I don't have to create an atom because it's already here. It was always here in some form. The laws of physics made the transformation from one form to another.

        " because he Intended to we know God"
        For what purpose?
        • Jul 6 2011: when is eternity?
          time itself is a created thing.
          what is creator of time?
          when you are at sleep dream you are out of time. you see future in dream of sleep.

          "I don't have to create an atom because it's already here."
          universe including atoms has a start time (near 14.5 Billion years ago)
          so what is their creator at first?


          "" because he Intended to we know God"
          For what purpose?"
          to be known itself is purpose.
          God is not responsible to any one.
          God INTENDED to be known.
          this is entity and decision of God.
          for example a human who is both extreme rich and extreme donor when see a poor gives him money, food,...
          this has no purpose.
          the entity (personality) of that human causes him to donor.

          this is like you ask what is the purpose of sky that is blue?
          blue is entity of sky.
          this is sky.
  • thumb
    Jun 3 2011: S.R. Ahmadi,
    You misquoted me and twisted my words again, in a recent comment.
    I DO NOT appreciate it, and you only weaken your argument.
    • Jun 11 2011: Dear Colleen Steen,
      I apologize misquoting. please clarify you meaning.
  • May 27 2011: In this times,god is a comfort for people who can not accept thei non-existence after dead, its just human ego who demands eternity because that his nature of self preservation. God is also an excuse on whose behalf we hurt others.God is only superstitious word having too much power which still keeps us in the Middle Ages.
    That is god for me
  • May 23 2011: By birth I am Jewish and Methodist. I had "Christians" tell me I was going to hell b/c my parents didn't raise me to follow any religion and I had several "Jehovah witness's" yell at me b/c supposedly the Jews killed Jesus. I wasn't there...why are you yelling at me?

    I don't know about religion, I wasn't raised on religion I don't believe there is a big man in the sky. As long as I walk through life treating others the way I would want to be treated...be a good person and raise my kids the same way...raise them to have love and compassion...to get a good education and to be productive members of society... I KNOW I will be okay without religion.
  • Apr 24 2011: The question posed here is somewhat presumptuous: “Who is God?” rather than “Is there a God?”

    Despite what I write here, please understand that I actually consider the views of others with a great deal of respect. That does not mean, however, that I can share the same view.

    It never ceases to amaze me why so many people feel the need to hold a belief in some kind of all-powerful supernatural being, usually referred to as God, or the equivalent. It seems to me that me that across the millennia mankind has demonstrated a high degree of curiosity. Adapting for survival in all areas of the planet, taming other animals and adapting the immediate environment for his benefit, through cultivation, rearing livestock, discovery and adaptation of minerals, the advancement of science etc. This quest for knowledge, my opinion, has at its core the biggest question of all – where did we come from and why are we here?

    In the days gone by, it is no surprise to me that there were many communities which concluded that there was some kind of “creator”. After all, life as it was understood was full of mystery; with what we would now consider being crazy theories about solar eclipses, or the cause of illness.

    Not surprising, therefore, in our cultures of hierarchy, that we should assume some higher order as the explanation for the big question.

    I will continue to look for rational explanations for the big question, rather than settle for the comfort which results from adherence to sincerely held well meaning (but irrational & divisive) theories of old.
    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        Apr 25 2011: .
        Rom 1:19 They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them.

        Rom 1:20 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.

        Rom 1:21 Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn't worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused.

    • thumb

      Sky F

      • 0
      Apr 24 2011: Side note:
      I think these presumptuous questions are funny. Like "Did you stop neglecting your child?" is making the assertion that the person at one point in time did neglect their child. Hahahaha. Oh funny timesss.

      Anyway, carry on.
      • Apr 25 2011: Everything has a cause and effect, correct?

        (bear with me)
        • thumb

          Sky F

          • 0
          Apr 25 2011: No! I believe in entropy!

          Nevermind, sure. Go for it.
      • Apr 25 2011: lol...

        Well, how do you think the Universe began, Sky? Entropy explains an infinite regression of space, time and causality?
    • thumb
      Apr 25 2011: Hi Mick
      When you look in the mirror are you really convinced that you see a random assemblage of atoms that just happened to come together over millions of years ?
      • thumb

        Sky F

        • 0
        Apr 25 2011: First off, it's billions, not millions.

        Ever studied biology? The history of life makes sense starting at the molecular level and moving on up. A lot of it is speculation, because we can't go back in time, but given that naturally occurring cell-like protobionts were given I think it was... two billion years to develop replicable genetic information, I think that's plenty of time to get the ball rolling. Everything else, while seeming miraculous, does make sense, for the most part.

        Just because it's complicated and you don't understand it doesn't mean it's not possible. One might think the internet and computers and all their complexity couldn't have been created by simple men. But... it was.
        • thumb
          Apr 25 2011: Hi Sky
          I understand how evolutionists think it happened. However the speculation outweighs the solid science as far as I'm concerned.
          I believe in entropy as well; it is a testable scientific theory. Billions of years just gives it more time to work. As Abiogenesis is in direct opposition to the scientific law of Biogenesis, so Evolution is in direct opposition to the scientific law of Entropy.
          The more we understand, the more complex it becomes; to believe in evolution requires too much faith for me.
          The internet/computers etc were designed by men. The programming operates because the language agreed by men has been 'taught' to the hardware, so that it knows how to respond to given commands.
          How did dna get programmed; & how is it that the hardware in the cell understands what to do with the commands? How come the thousands of enzymes are a perfect fit for the nutrients coming from outside? If animal A 'evolves' into animal B, at what stage does the extra coding appear to cover the different features?
          I guess I just don't get it; maybe you can persuade me .
      • Apr 28 2011: Yep. That's good enough for me. At least, as good as all the religious mumbo jumbo.
  • thumb
    Apr 24 2011: God is the embodiment of the best of all of us and the highest we can potentially reach. Why don't people believe in humanity?
  • thumb
    Apr 4 2011: The question shouldn’t be who is God. The questions should be about what is God. Asking who is God is an anthropomorphic question and surely it is known that God is not human.
    God as a persona is humanizing the divine and doing this we are doing the same like the Romans or the Greeks or take your pick from history once did.
    • thumb
      Apr 4 2011: This is a repeated statement, but I will ask the same question in response as Tim did,

      What is God to you?
      • thumb
        Apr 4 2011: What is God to me?
        Well God to me is beyond my comprehension, I believe I’m not “wired” to understand her or him.
        These words are some of the best (to me) that I have found that give an idea about what is God:
        “How wondrous is the unity of the Living, the Ever-Abiding God--a unity which is exalted above all limitations, that transcendeth the comprehension of all created things.... How lofty hath been His incorruptible Essence, how completely independent of the knowledge of all created things, and how immensely exalted will it remain above the praise of all the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth!”
        The words “his” doesn’t necessarily mean that God is a male by the way.
    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        Apr 4 2011: Thanks Birdia. I'll look for Eduard's posting.

        What is God to me?
        Well God to me is beyond my comprehension, I believe I’m not “wired” to understand her or him.
        These words are some of the best (to me) that I have found that give an idea about what is God:

        “How wondrous is the unity of the Living, the Ever-Abiding God--a unity which is exalted above all limitations, that transcendeth the comprehension of all created things.... How lofty hath been His incorruptible Essence, how completely independent of the knowledge of all created things, and how immensely exalted will it remain above the praise of all the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth!”

        The words “his” doesn’t necessarily mean that God is a male by the way.
    • thumb
      Apr 4 2011: Hi Arturo

      The Christian answer is that Jesus is God. He created the universe and some 4 thousand years later entered time and space as an infant. He left enough information that we can get to know him, and, just to round it off came back from the dead; before rising up into the clouds.

      So he is a Jewish human being in earth's history. He is certainly greater than that, but if we can grasp this, then we can truly know God. Don't believe it ? That's understandable, but at least the evidence is there to check it out, & millions have taken that path & found God.

      • thumb

        E G 10+

        • 0
        Apr 4 2011: Hi Peter........ God is God, His earthly name is Jesus Christ from the christian perspective............ in fact that's amazing , just a God could do it : to come on the earth and to discover Himself to the people.

        I like your very simple and sincere way to present the things.
      • thumb
        Apr 8 2011: Hello Peter
        Yes, I also believe in Jesus Christ’s message just like the other millions of people do. However I also believe that like other millions of people do, to believe that God created the universe just four thousand years ago falls under what is defined as superstition. The holy Judeo-Christian writings say that humanity has been created in God’s image and likeness. Therefore, don’t you think that we should be able to deduce some of the history of the cosmos? Or you do you think that image and likeness only mean that the people on earth look like a human looking God?
        • thumb
          Apr 8 2011: Hi Arturo

          It's a question of whether we take the bible at face value. Jesus certainly did, & often quoted the Old Testament. I certainly believe it is the truth, so I reach certain conclusions.

          The first couple of chapters of Genesis tell of the universe being created in 6 days. To me it is plain enough. We also have the family tree of Jesus, both through Mary, & through Joseph. All the names & ages etc are there. It is a fairly simple matter to add them all up & make an estimation of the time from Adam to Jesus. Further, the Jews have a calendar from the beginning; it is now around the year 5700.

          So biblically, & culturally we are getting to around 6000yrs in total. There is also loads of scientific evidence that the world is not the millions of years old that the evolutionist lobby would like it to be.
          Check out :-
          http://www.cross.tv/51495 (Part 1)
          http://www.cross.tv/51496 (Part 2)

          God is a spirit, we are a spirit. I believe that is the similarity. Our spirits are immortal, just like his.

        • thumb

          E G 10+

          • 0
          Apr 9 2011: I also belive that the univers has been created in just 6 days (and in my opinion is a very rational belief).
      • thumb
        Apr 11 2011: I’ve watched the videos from the links you provided Peter. I found them so interesting that I studied them and I even found out the goal of the entity that produces this kind of work. What the videos are about is called creation science and its main goal is to discredit any science that doesn’t explain creationism. I also found out that in 1987 the US Supreme Court declared creation science as unconstitutional through a case called Edwards v. Aguillard on the basis that it has the only and true purpose of advancing a particular religious belief.
        Peter, please tell me why do you deny the science from the present establishment?
        Please also tell me if you find the next line illogical and why:
        “Religion without science is mere superstition and science without religion is pure materialism.”
        • thumb
          Apr 11 2011: Hi Arturo

          “Religion without science is mere superstition and science without religion is pure materialism.”

          I find this logical. If a religious belief is in conflict with the real world then it is unlikely to be true or worthwhile. If science denies the possibility of things beyond it's comprehension then how will it's understanding ever reach into these realms.

          It is true that Creationists propagate creation; in the same way Darwinists propagate evolution. Surely the wise man will look at both arguments and reach his own conclusions.

          The scientific establishment is at present materialist, but it was not always so. Science itself moves forward by changing it's mind in the light of the latest data. I believe evolution is wrong because there is no solid evidence that it occurs. (Beyond Micro Evolution). Many scientists are also of this opinion, & thankfully the truth is not established by what the establishment puts forward as truth. It is the case that the establishment carries weight with the courts. Follow the evidence, ignore the personalities.

      • thumb
        Apr 12 2011: "Follow the evidence, ignore the personalities."

        I like that Peter!

        I found this link in CNN. Tell me what do you think?

        • thumb
          Apr 12 2011: Hi Arturo
          I have heard this argument. The DNA of monkeys is very similar to ours, there is no disputing that. The DNA of an airliner is very similar to a car. Engines, wheels, suspension, seats etc. Does this show that a car will become an airliner if left for long enough ?
          We live on the same planet as apes, we breath the same air, eat the same food, endure the same temperatures. It would be more amazing if we were not similar, we need stomachs, lungs, hearts etc to survive.
          I am no expert, but we need to wait a while to see if the gene is really broken, or we just don't understand. Some scientists still believe we have lots of junk dna left over from evolution, while others are busy trying to find it's purpose, with some success.
          They say the simple cell is as complex as the space shuttle, & the dna a small part of that, check out the link & ask yourself. "Does this look like the product of mutation & natural selection ?

          On Jesus

          Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

          Mat 19:5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?

          He obviously believed in Adam & Eve, & presumably in his own family tree. Never anywhere does Jesus hint that the OT doesn't mean exactly what it says. If you just read it without any interpretation from 'experts', there is no way you will find millions of years, or evolution.

          Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

          Adam sinned, this brought death into the world. Jesus paid the price & saves us. If death was part of the scheme, as evolution states, then we have no salvation.

      • thumb
        Apr 15 2011: Hello Peter.
        It seems like our conversation is beginning to get more and more complex, especially now that I’m not able to directly reply to your own postings, (and I have yet no idea why.) Perhaps this is my last posting in replying to your ideas.
        I’ve taken the liberty to quote your lines with the idea of keeping track of your suggested concepts.
        [“The DNA of an airliner is very similar to a car. Engines, wheels, suspension, seats etc. Does this show that a car will become an airliner if left for long enough?”]
        You are suggesting evolution on a non-biological entities but I get the gist of your analogy when comparing humans’ evolution with other primates’.

        [“We live on the same planet as apes, we breath the same air, eat the same food, endure the same temperatures. It would be more amazing if we were not similar, we need stomachs, lungs, hearts etc to survive.”]
        It is amazing indeed. At the DNA level humans are barely 1.6 % different to chimps. It’s been suggested that going by genetic differences, humans should be classified as a third species of chimpanzee! However, when comparing the human DNA from different parts of our planet, people are close to being clones!

        [“I am no expert, but we need to wait a while to see if the gene is really broken, or we just don't understand. Some scientists still believe we have lots of junk dna left over from evolution, while others are busy trying to find it's purpose, with some success.”]
        I’m not an expert neither Peter. What I understand of science is from high school, basic college, a few books and the news. I would suggest though checking the government website on the Human Genome Project.
        The gene has been broken Peter, perhaps what you mean is the function of the genes. Over 50% of them are not known what they do.

        [“They say the simple cell is as complex as the space shuttle, & the dna a small part of that, check out the link & ask yourself. "Does this look like the product of mutation & natural selection ?
        I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to say that DNA is the result of intelligent design Peter. If it were of intelligent design our DNA wouldn’t let us have cancer or carry horrible diseases to our kids. If there were intelligence in our DNA we would be able to swim to the bottom of the oceans or fly to space without simply dying. Never the less, yes, the machinery, the function of the cell and its part in DNA reproduction is a miraculous event from a human point of view and I’m willing to bet that God in its infinite wisdom has more wonders for humanity to discover.
        [“On Jesus
        Gen 2:24 ... Adam sinned, this brought death into the world. Jesus paid the price & saves us. If death was part of the scheme, as evolution states, then we have no salvation.”]
        On your last paragraphs, let me simply say that I can’t say that my faith is complete, true and the only one, otherwise I’ll be like those who consider me an infidel, sinful and blasphemous.
        May God bless you Peter. Allah-u-Abha
        • Apr 19 2011: the most important difference of human and ape is wisdom.
          human has good and bad. war and peace and ethical growth.
          no one of animals have wisdom.
          DNA is not important.
          think and wisdom and deciding between good and bad is important
        • Apr 19 2011: human is human because of its wisdom, not because of its DNA.
          animal is animal because it not have wisdom, not because of its DNA
          while ape has not wisdom it is not human, even by DNA 100% similar to human.
          is there any gene for wisdom?
      • Apr 19 2011: Jesus was praying and fasting.
        for who?
        Jesus (PBUH) was not God.
        if Jesus (PBUH) was God so no need for praying and fasting.
        Jesus was a messenger of God. like Moses (PBUH) and Muhammad (PBUH) and Noah (PBUH),...
  • thumb
    Mar 30 2011: Hi Tim

    Great question. "Who is God ?". Interesting that you don't ask "What is God ?". So by default you seem to assume a "person" somewhat like you & me.
    So the first thing is, has anyone ever claimed to be God with any authority ? Only one that I am aware of.
    There was one who was prophecied about hundreds of years before he appeared. He arrived on time at the correct geographical position. He walked on water, he created food, he turned water to wine, he healed the sick, he raised the dead. Finally, exactly as prophecied, he was brutally murdered, and after three days, he raised himself from the dead. He often claimed to be God & warned us of the implications.
    Now these are massive claims that need to be tested. However the evidence is all there to be tested. I think this is the sensible place to start in a serious way. I initially just shrugged it off as nonsense, and nearly missed the most important truth of all time. The very fact that there are so many pretenders for the title should alert us to the fact that the real deal exists.

    • thumb

      Drew B

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      Mar 30 2011: 100% agree
    • thumb
      Apr 1 2011: Hi Peter. Good to see you again.

      A question. You said " I initially just shrugged it off as nonsense...". What made you change your mind?
      • thumb
        Apr 2 2011: Hi Tim

        How long have you got ?
        1985; 35yrs old. My wife was suffering badly from Asthma & was often close to death, one night she made a promise to God to check him out if she could live through the night. She did & got saved.

        I had always been searching, evolution, Von Daniken, you name it. I pompously assumed the church was a waste of time, & now was stuck with a Christian wife. No problem I thought, I'll just prove it wrong & get her back. When it dawned on me that there was the possibility of overcoming death I thought it safer to give the whole thing a fair crack of the whip. So i shelved my cynicism & kept as open a mind as possible. I reached the point where I couldn't find fault with the bible as it related to the world around me, history, archeology etc. Most of the 'problems' with the bible listed by Atheists do not hold up under scrutiny.
        I still couldn't be certain however. Jesus says that he stands & knocks at the door of our lives, & that if we ask him in he will come in. I took him at his word, & have never looked back. He has answered all my questions & guides me in my daily life. Result !!

        • thumb
          Apr 5 2011: Peter: Thanks for sharing that. Although we often try to analyze everything rationally, our personal experience is really the foundation of our self. Your personal account highlights that fact.
    • Apr 20 2011: Dear Peter Law,
      you mean Jesus (peace on him) says he is God?
      so why he was praying and fasting? praying who?
      do you have access to original Bible of Jesus(peace on him)?
      which version of Bible you read?
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    Mar 29 2011: Sit quietly and listen, not for words, but for wisdom, that is where God is . . . as a part of us, God lives.

    And like a blanket of winter snow, I will die. Like spring buds, God lives on because God just is.

    God just is and that's all there is.

    In my humble opinion.
  • Jul 24 2011: This question asks "And tell us, in your opinion - who is God?" So I will offer my opinion, rather than attempt to refute any other opinions.

    My opinion is rather mundane, I'm afraid. In my opinion God is (or "gods are", if you are a polytheist) an attempt to explain many puzzling issues in the world by attributing the explanations to supernatural intervention by (a) divine being(s). These explanations probably began as animistic notions, then some of these notions evolved into polytheism, then some of those ideas evolved into henotheism, and some of those into monotheism. More recently the scientific method gradually developed to explain many of the same puzzling issues. The theistic explanations postulate that the world is influenced by supernatural forces (in addition to natural forces), whereas the scientific explanations postulate that the world is influenced only by natural forces. I prefer the scientific method, which has brought us many improvements in health and comfort and technology. Notice that we are communicating with each other via the internet, rather than via prayer.
  • Jun 27 2011: Who is god? Easy:


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    Jun 21 2011: This modern Polish poetry.............
    My God is hungry
    he's just a bag of
    he's got no money
    No lofty silver domes

    Candle's can't help
    hymns give him no
    doctors have no
    for his thin hollow

    Government patrols
    are powerless
    love is the only food
    his lips will bless.
  • Comment deleted

    • Jun 19 2011: Dear Jim Lloyd,
      you speak so that seems 3 Abraham religions had same source and same start time in history.
      please note that:
      Islam started near 1400 years ago in Arabia peninsula.
      Christianity started near 2000 years ago in Rome
      Judaism started near 3500 years ago (Moses (PBUH) birth was 1571 B.C)
      Abraham (PBUH) was near 4000 years ago
      Noah (PBUH) had long age near 2000 years.
      Adam (PBUH) came to earth at near max. 7000 years ago.

      thy had not same origin to be splintered.
      each has its own start. but all from one God
      • Comment deleted

        • Jun 19 2011: "All you have are books that were written by men."
          I have Koran.
          but no human claimed is writer of Koran.
          so for who is Koran?
          Muhammad (PBUH)? he was uneducated and did not write any thing in all his life only at age of 40 started saying some amazing sayings (Koran) that had many conflicts with believes of Arabs and leaded to war by Arabs:
          so who is writer of Koran.
          only one claimed is writer or Koran: Allah in the Koran.

          "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and the evidence you provide is not."
          sure. and extraordinary evidence is Koran.
          it is for 1400 years ago and you know every thing changed so much during 1400 years.
          can you show one error in Koran?
      • Comment deleted

        • Jun 20 2011: Dear Jim Lloyd,
          you compaire a philosopher like Rumi to Muhammad (PBUH)?
          Rumi was an Muslim scientist and all Rumi has is from Koran.
          every single poem of Rumi is interpret of verses of Koran.
          without Koran Rumi is nothing.
          also prophet was uneducated.
          how an uneducated man could say a book that is source for poems of Rumi?
          Rumi is student of Koran.
          also you doubt in history. no problem. but at list one claim should be found in history that show prophet was an educated man or scientist or poet or had scientific connections with other countries. please note prophet had many enemies and made many lies against him and if they could Indeed do that to disprove Koran:

          many wars of prophet was by Arabs:

          so how he could say such book?
          he was shepherd and had a donkey and did not say such things until age 40.

          "So, I believe Muhammad was a gifted poet."
          great Arab poets say:
          Koran is poet but is not poet.
          they tried but finally said we can not say poem like Koran. until today no one claimed can say poem like Koran.

          "many geniuses are self-educated"
          but there is no evidence is for this.
          self educate is for who can write. but prophet could not even write a simple word.
          also how after 1400 years this book is still fresh and no error and scientifically no conflict.

          "He used his knowledge "
          what knowledge. do you know what were the scientific beliefs of that time? silly:
          stars are daughters of God.
          Arabs had 360 deity that prayed them
          they killed cows to make Gods happy.
          earth is flat and nothing is under earth
          also many many silly beliefs.

          "I suspect that you are so trapped in your belief that it is currently impossible to satisfy your request."
          please do not prejudice and show your certain scientific evidence.
  • Jun 11 2011: Fascinating. These comments are coming from human beings from around the world. Ordinary folks, I expect; except for Mr Ahmadi, who writes very much like a very orthodox Muslim Imam. And no problem with that either. But the conversation has been pretty much limited to people talking about Patriarchal religions as though there were no other.
    How about Buddhism? Hinduism? The Patriarchal traditions reject both; Buddhists, because their religion is not about gods, and HIndus because, by Patriarchal doctrine, they are thought to have too many gods. 'Course they do have Brahma, a concept very like the Patriarchal God of Judaism (which started it the Patriarchal idea) and Christianity (which brought in things from every sort of religion in the Roman Empire) and Islam (which really developed in order to tame obstreperous tribes) and worked so well it conquered most of the territories from Spain to Indonesia. They knew how to control. So do Christians who traditionally back up governments.
    The interesting thing to think about is how conditions in the areas they were successful contributed to the definition of God or the very lack of God or for the need of dozens of Gods. What conditions require a single, master overall, a Father of Fathers? Not a mother?? Figure that out and you'll know a lot about the God idea. Not all humans have had the same needs as these tribal peoples from the Near and Middle East who developed the One God concept. Will it continue to work at the end of the 21st Century when people from all over the world can come to TED on the Web and talk about their different beliefs? THAT is unprecedented. There will be consequences. And then? What then?
    • Jun 11 2011: Dear Bill,
      "how conditions in the areas they were successful contributed to the definition of God or the very lack of God or for the need of dozens of Gods. "
      please note that it is not related to conditions of areas.
      better to know before prophet Muhammad (PBUH) start saying amazing sayings at age of 40 (he was uneducated and did not write anything at ll his life) the Arab people had 365 God (statue) and prayed them. and each tribe had a special God (deity).
      the origin of only one God always backs to prophets (Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (peace on them all).

      also about father it is in Christianity and Muslims consider it a deviation and Muslims believe God is not material at all and so is not human that need a father or mother.

      "who developed the One God concept."
      only prophets. not people themselves. people always tend to create many Gods.
      this difference between Muhammad (PBUH) and Arab people resulted many wars between prophet and Arab people of that time:

      so if you want to seek the origin of one God you concept should study about prophets. especially Final prophet. because about other history is not clear and even changed and paper was not invented to history be recorded clear.
      but about Final history is much better available.
  • May 19 2011: It is very easy to forget that if
    I wish to have an ultimate theory
    (or God, or prime mover, or whatever)
    that explains or covers everything,
    then it should cover everything.

    You know?

    If God is good, how can he/she be
    a God if he/she doesn't encompass
    bad? Or evil? Even of the worst kind?

    I he/she is being which thinks, shouldn't
    he/she be able to "think" thoughts of
    rocks? Atoms? Cows? Dogs?

    You know?

    Shouldn't he/she be able to BE a dog?

    If it is energy, how matter comes
    into picture? Is it not part of God
    too? If my theory explains observable
    how does it cope with unobservable?

    If true "nothing" doesn't exist, where
    am I getting the idea of it?

    Shouldn't my God be at least slightly mad?

    When someone asks something like
    "is Big Bang real?", "who is God?",
    "is there this God and where is he or she?",
    "is it really truth that there is
    nothing but energy and space?",
    looking back at the path I traveled so far,
    all I can do is smile.

    Words are powerful, young Jedi,
    but they are not that powerful.

    That is what I think.
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    Apr 27 2011: It is easier maybe to tell what God is NOT...

    God is not an emotion - He is Emotion
    God is not an attitude - He is Love
    God is not a figment of my imagination - He is the Great I AM - Who was, and is, and Is to come
    God is not a diety - He is THE Diety - The Holy Father in Heaven that sent His Son to take the form of flesh so that He could make a bridge between Himself and mankind - and asked that Son to become a living Sacrifice for us.
    God is not hate - but He is a God of vengence - Obedience is expected
    God is not a Dictator - He gave us free will to do as we please (Though we have greatly abused that priviledge) - But because of this "Free Will Factor" - God also had to create consequences - He did exactly what we do in order to maintain law and order in our societies...It is the cost of disobedience. If this seems harsh...well, too bad. You see, if I want to go kill someone right now, then the law could sentence me to life in prison without parole. I could die in prison. If there is no God, and there is no afterlife...sheesh, then that sure seems harsh....right? Of course not. We are just glad to get those people off the street. But if God says "Obey Me or ELSE..." well, then people call Him a terrible awful diety...and they refuse to follow a God like that. Free Will....but that doesn't mean the consequences go away...whether we deny they are real or not. I don't have to believe I will get bitten if I jump in a pit of vipers...but that doesn't mean I am right.

    But mostly...what God is...even though it sounds strange after all the rest - GOD IS LOVE - He created us to see us blossom. He is the Father that wanted to see great things come from HIS children...and how do we repay Him? We spit on His blessings and throw Him out with the garbage. What a terrible shame we have become so ungrateful.
    • Apr 28 2011: Hello Dear Shawn Hart,
      thanks for your explain.
      I have some questions:
      Love is an attribute of God or God itself is God?
      better to say about God "he" or "it"?
      "He is THE Diety"
      what is your definition of deity?
      why God has son? God has any regeneration? or the meaning of father is creator?
      God is a human?
      the son and father are two or one?
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    Apr 26 2011: I believe [if I can use that word] God is simply what happens. Divinity, or lack of divinity, is what we do with what happens. When we see injustice and fight it, when we see suffering and act with compassion to alleviate it; when we see beauty and celebrate it; when we see ignorance and bring patience and understanding. We impose meaning on what happens, it is not provided by God.

    This idea of God is Universal, Eternal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent. It is not He or She or It, vengeful, jealous, judgemental, wrathful, empathetic, attentive, responsive, loving, or creative. Those things are our responses to the God that is presented to us in our lives.

    There is mystery, but not miracles.

    There are coincidences, but not Cosmic Plans or Destiny.

    Morality can be derived from experience and social interaction. The Golden Rule is good because it works; it doesn't work because it is Good.

    There are three main human motivators: the things we love, the things we fear and the things we are genuinely curious about.

    Heaven, no. Hell, no.
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    Wu Meng

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    Apr 24 2011: in my point of view, God is a belief in my heart。like the pole star, he show me where i shoud go。under his supervision,i have to review my behavior by the minute.
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    Sky F

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    Apr 24 2011: God is the entire universe, humans are his eyes, ears, and consciousness.
    • Apr 24 2011: so God needs human?
      or human needs God?
      • thumb

        Sky F

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        Apr 24 2011: they're both the same, albeit fractions of a whole.
        • Apr 24 2011: so who created universe?
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          Apr 24 2011: yeah... they both are same. mr.ahmadi...ur problem is, u think of god and human as seperate things. god is inside us not out side...ther is not a question of asking who is greater and who is small... worship and slavory are not the same things.
        • Apr 24 2011: Dear pranoy sundar,
          you are completely right.
          I happy to know such human. you know God very well.
          human and God is one, but Just if there is nothing but God in heart of human.
          for example if some one has love of sleep or food in his heart he is not one by God.
          when there is nothing but God in heart of a human then that human is like a drop in ocean of God and there no more any self between him and God. then that man is same as God. when God intend something say to it be, so it become and that human when intend something say be, becomes. this is when a human kills his self (his wishes and devils, conceit ,...).
          but while a human loves his self more than God, God not let that human near God and that human is separate of God. the the secret of becoming same as God is "Love".
          there is no curtain between you and God but your self.
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        Sky F

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        Apr 24 2011: We did. God did.
        • Apr 24 2011: how we did?
          do you include "we"?
          which part of creating universe was by you? design? engineering? factory? transport? measurement? management? art? or other?
      • thumb

        Sky F

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        Apr 24 2011: Yes I do include us. Because the fact that we are the consciousness of the universe means that, in a sense, the universe only really exists within our minds. Without us, the universe is invisible and without form. It is our perception that creates it. It's a mutual relationship between what is outside of our heads and what is inside. Without either, there would be nothing.
        • Apr 25 2011: you mean no universe exist out of your mind?
          if all human on earth die. then universe is dissipated?
          or if you die universe disappears?
          you mean universe is like a TV and you can turn it off by your mind?
          so why when you are asleep the universe is not off like a TV off?
  • Apr 20 2011: "God" is a term subjective to each individual.
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    Apr 20 2011: Life is a exam for humans. The one who passes it with great number scores, is the one who is best among his surroundings. God to me is the pure positive energy, wishes others to prosper including the universe.
  • Apr 3 2011: God is a projection into the unknown. An attempt to answer to the unanswerable. For me, God is a concept born of humanities innate need to find earthly meaning, boundaries, stories; to explain and contain life within a framework that not only validates us and our place in the universe, but is within our mental grasp. It's a reaction against the mind boggling enigma of life, and the mystery of time, space, and the infinite. It's a coping mechanism; Our fear of uncertainty becomes denial, wrapped in a security blanket of cosy belief, huddled against the great dark unknown, reassured in the conceit that we have 'the' answer. I'm sorry if some find this offensive. It's not my intention; just an honest attempt to describe what 'God' means to me. Maybe there is a God, maybe there isn't. Who ultimately knows. I'd like to deeply sincerely believe in a good and just God, but I simply can't. It just doesn't ring true, and never really has. The deeper I look into the question, the more unlikely it seems. If someone else believes, that's fine, as long as they don't expect me to as well. Why belief is such an issue mystifies me a little to be honest. Surely how you lead your life is more important than whether or not you believe in God. I try to lead a good honest life, to be kind to others, uphold values I've come to consider worthwhile; respect, consideration, compassion etc. I try to do the right thing because it seems like the right thing to do, not because some higher being ordains it. I like to think others will judge me by how I lived my life, rather than whether or not I 'chose' to believe in God. Not that I understand how you can choose such things; You either believe or you don't.
    • Apr 20 2011: Dear Andrew O'Sullivan,
      during history many people lived. but few knew real God. your idea is right but about deities and about people pray statue.
      many people use God as a projection into the unknown. but not all people.
      please not that you can not escape death.
      all disease has drug but death.
      after death there is no chance to back to this world.
      today is doing and not reward, tomorrow is reward and not doing
      if heaven and hell is true then what you will do?
      so belief is very important.
      we should solve problem of God before death.
      death has no news. death comes immediately.
      thinking about God is more important than eating and life style.
      time is going and life is finishing and death is cumming.
      • Apr 20 2011: If heaven and hell exist, then I'll deal with which ever I have to when the time comes. How can I possibly hope to resolve whether or not God, heaven and hell exist in this lifetime. I can see no compelling evidence to suggest they do, and likewise can't prove they don't, nor want to waste my time with such speculation. Solve the problem of God? What's to solve? Where is the problem?How is thinking about God going to make the world a better place or me a better person? Why would God want me to think about God? To what end? Time is going to be finished and death is coming, I suspect you are right in that respect. I fail to comprehend how pondering God is going to change that one way or the other. If God condemns me to eternal hell because I doubted his existance, then so be it. But it seems such far fetched and outlandish notion I couldn't get worked up about if I tried. There are far more pressing concerns such as eating, life style, and trying to be a good person, do the right thing, have a positive rather than negative impact on those around me.
        • thumb
          Apr 21 2011: Hi Andrew
          "How can I possibly hope to resolve whether or not God, heaven and hell exist in this lifetime."
          Millions have done just that. Things are entirely different when you realise you are eternal. Friendships become eternal, or potentially eternal, & life becomes much more meaningful.

      • thumb
        May 1 2011: Hi Ahmadi

        "during history many people lived. but few knew real God"

        Are you implying that some people actually saw God?